“The Culling” (Single) by Chelsea Wolfe

Artist: Chelsea Wolfe
Title: “The Culling” (Single)
Label: Sargent House
Release Date: 9/8/2017
Genre: Alt-Rock/Atmospheric
Rating: 4/5

Though I had heard the name of musician Chelsea Wolfe quite a few times over the last couple of years, I had never really managed to get around to listening to her but I made sure to resolve that once I learned of a brand new single “The Culling” which is available for legal download purchase as you read this. Coming into her sound as a complete newbie was interesting for me and as I began this track I found it set an immediate somber and brooding mood for me as a listener. Chelsea sings with an airy effect on her voice while the instrumentation is kept simple for a bit when it comes to drums and bass while the guitar riff cuts the vibe around her.

Halfway through the drums come to larger and louder life while the guitar tone is given a twist on the volume knob as Wolfe raises her own register to a crescendo. This was a very intense introduction for me and I listened to it a few times with a sense of both fascination and approval. I just might have to catch one of her appearances on the tour that she will be embarking on. I can only imagine how this sort of sound comes across in the live sense. Chelsea’s upcoming full-length is called “Hiss Spun” and will be available later in the month and I guess it’s safe to compare her to both Tori Amos and maybe even Portishead for a quick “who did she remind me of”. Nice work Ms. Wolfe, I look forward to hearing the full release.

Track Listing:
1. The Culling

Official Website: http://www.chelseawolfe.net

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