“The Complete Recordings” by Eldopa

Artist: Eldopa
Title: “The Complete Recordings”
Label: Tee Pee Records
Release Date: 7/25/2006
Genre: Hardcore
Rating: 3/5

Formed in 1995, Eldopa was a band that aimed to infuse Heavy Metal riffs alongside a true Hardcore vibe that was a little purer than some of their peers had ever hoped to deliver. The result worked to some effect and the band was more Metal than Hardcore and they also offered some level of Doom and Melodic riffs that are not often seen in most of the Hardcore bands. The group was comprised of Andy Branton (bass), Greg Valencia (vocals, guitar), Brian Ward (vocals, guitar), and Sean Tyler (drums) and their debut effort entitled “1332” was originally released on an Oakland based label called East Bay Menace Records. Had they remained together longer than past 1998 their tasty riffing might have met with a larger level of success considering how some of the Metal genres evolved. The influx of Grindcore and Thrashcore groups that came about around 2001-2002 would have probably welcomed these guys into their ranks. Thanks to Tee Pee Records the fans of the band and even the curious are able to own the complete recordings that were unleashed upon the world. It captures their entire debut release “1332” as well as a number of live recordings and demo tracks which are sure to please the archivist fan. Lyrics are provided for the debut album in the included fold-out booklet.

Song Listing:
1. 1332
2. Slave
3. Headache
4. Wrong End
5. The Burning
6. Decomposing
7. Clawing At The Walls
8. Infected
9. The Calm
10. Ruined
11. Someone Saw God
12. Dormant
13. Skinless
14. Ruined
15. Headache
16. Bloody Knuckles
17. Someone Saw God – demo
18. Decomposing – demo
19. Ed – demo
20. Repercussion – demo
21. Skinless – live
22. Repercussion – live
23. Slave – live
24. Dormant – live
25. Someone Saw God – demo
26. The Calm – demo

Official Web site: http://www.teepeerecords.com/bands/eldopa

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