“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” & Toy Insider’s 2019 “Holiday Of Play”

Hey there my friends, it’s time to use our voice to direct your attention to another adventure that was done over on “The Chronicles” because I think some of you might find it of interest. Those who follow my adventures at the annual Toy Fair, might recall that I also go to a couple of the events held by the fine folks at The Toy Insider. I last featured them on PiercingMetal in a piece I did about their “Sweet Suite” event that you can peruse by clicking HERE. More about that particular adventure was relegated to “The Chronicles” based on the ages involved in the product lines. Now I am here to tell you that I just finished posting about their “Holiday Of Play” event and the whole shebang can be examined by clicking HERE.

toy insider holiday of play logo

Unlike their “Sweet Suite” event, almost all of the product lines are aimed at a younger demographic and with more parents reading that site it made proper sense to put the narrative over there. I figured that a lot of you older Metal fans (like me) also have kids or younger members of the family circle which finds me putting together this signpost. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a regular reader of that side of the fence. We’d love to have you of course.

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