“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Hits The 2018 “Sweet Suite”

Hey there my friends, its time for another one of those “Shameless Plug” traffic sign posts that sends you over to my lifestyle website, “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. I’m here to tell you about my recent attendance of the Toy Insider’s “Sweet Suite” which we were hitting for the third year in a row. These people know there stuff and its an honor to be among the limited members of the media that get invited. Now you know we have been documenting stuff about Toys and Comics on this website for several years now, but this event goes to “The Chronicles” since a lot of the items we see are geared towards a younger crowd. I announce the visit here based on so many of our friends having younger children or members of their family and we want them to learn about this stuff. Clicking the colorful logo below will transport you to the tag for the event and I hope that you enjoy what you see.

sweet suite, sweet suite 2018

As per the usual with these sort of alerts the means to comment on THIS posting has been turned off since I’d rather that readers chime in on the appropriate post over on “The Chronicles”. For additional viewpoints, images and updates from the field as we experience them, please follow “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” on the popular social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’d love to have you along for the ride, now back to the Metal and Geek stuff.

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The Toy Insider: http://www.thetoyinsider.com
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