“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Hits The 2017 “Sweet Suite”

Hello my friends, I’m chiming in this afternoon to let you know that I recently attended The Toy Insider’s massive preview event known as the “Sweet Suite” and documented my findings on my “Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” website. Unlike some of the Toy Fair stuff that you see me post on PiercingMetal.com in our “Toys and Collectibles” Category, the observations at the “Sweet Suite” are aimed at a much younger base. Since so many of our readership friends are parents (and some even grandparents), I wanted to get them on point with those narratives. Just click the logo below to be magically transported to that website and its serialized chapters of this awesome event.

The means to comment on this referral post have been disabled since its better for those interested to leave any thoughts on the respective posts on “The Chronicles”. For additional viewpoints, images and updates from the field as we experience them, please follow “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” on the popular social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’d love to have you along for the ride. See you again soon.

Official Websites:
The Toy Insider: http://www.thetoyinsider.com