The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken Goes To “Sweet Suite” and “Blogger Bash” 2016

I wanted to take a quick moment out of the serving up of music and comic book related stuff here on to direct your attention over to my Lifestyle website “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” to enjoy a series of posts that I did for the “Sweet Suite” and “Blogger Bash” events. Let me quickly explain what they each are so you know. “Sweet Suite” is a toy related event that comes care of the Toy Insider folks and since we’ve been documenting a healthy bit of Toy Fair posts over the years, we scored an invite to this convention. The offerings are more for the younger audience and their families and that is why the coverage sites on “The Chronicles”. Clicking the logo below will transport you over to those posts.

“Blogger Bash” is an entirely different animal and brings scores of Digital Influencers into one place for face to face discussions and interactions with company vendors and each other. There are several special conferences with speakers that have some expertise on certain matters as well but we didn’t watch any of those. What I did do was drop by quite a few tables in the exposition area and those posts for this part of the adventure can be observed by clicking the logo for the conference below. It was interesting and lets me use The Chronicles to help expand the readers awareness. If you are a digital person who has a whole lot of influence you might want to look into this event, but you’d need an invite and cannot just attend because you feel like it.

Thanks for letting me do some shameless self promotion for a minute. I’ve been doing my best to keep things interesting over on the site as well and with so many friends with families this stuff was great to share over there. Since this is a traffic sign to the other websites content the means to add any sort of comment to the post is disabled. You are instead encouraged to leave topical comments on the posts that you find over on The Chronicles. Now let’s get back to some Metal and Comic Book stuff shall we?

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