“The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken Are Heading To The Tribeca Film Festival

tribeca film festival logo

Hey there my dedicated readers. I wanted to use this communication space once again to share some awesome news that will be happening in the coming months for my lifestyle website, “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”. This year that website will not only reach its 9th year but it continues to add major events to its coverage base. We’ve already added the New York International Auto Show, Progressive Boat Show, Summer Fancy Food Show and the New York Times Travel Show to our scope and just recently received word that we shall be walking around and seeing what is what at the Tribeca Film Festival. Since I’m going to one of the accredited media, its safe to say that this outlets reach continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This particular event isn’t actually “Metal” but there are some music documentaries being shown and I’m hoping to catch at least a couple of them. For those film buffs reading this announcement and finding it of interest for their own adventures I suggest clicking HERE to see any posts about the festival that I’ve put online.

I also plan on using the Official Socials for “The Chronicles” during the event so if you aren’t following them yet please consider doing so by clicking the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Following or subscribing and liking that content shows us that you are out there and we appreciate it very much. I now return you to our regularly scheduled Heavy Music and Pop Culture content. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.tribecafilmfestival.com

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