“The Chemical Wedding” (remaster) by Bruce Dickinson

Artist: Bruce Dickinson
Title: “The Chemical Wedding”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 6/21/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

“The Chemical Wedding” is a no holds barred return to the Hard Rock/Metal roots and an end to the experimental & avant-garde material that was being showcased on earlier solo efforts of Bruce Dickinson. The welcome change to his fans from the Iron Maiden years would be considered his finest and heaviest of the solo albums released and making it more special would be the presence of Adrian Smith and Producer Roy Z. on guitars. Dickinson was holding strong onto a very productive solo career and Iron Maiden had slowed down a little bit with singer Blaze Bailey on the microphone. Blaze while a good singer did not command the appeal that Dickinson did and the material would also not hold much of a sway on the audience either with the exception of “The Clansman”. The delivery of tracks like “The King In Crimson” and “Killing Floor” proved to many that Bruce was still capable of being heavy and these tracks had more punch to them than any of Maiden’s offerings of the time.

The remastered edition includes a couple of bonus tracks and expanded liner notes while his other catalog re-issues include a second CD with outtakes and live tracks. The band completing the lineup for the recording includes Eddie Casillas (bass) and David Ingraham (drums) and each compliment one another making this album a must-have if you are looking into beginning your collection of Bruce’s solo work. This is perhaps his best of the entire back catalog and it would close out on Dickinson’s solo career for a couple of years. Just after the release of the recording the singer decided to return to Iron Maiden and once again lead the charge with Adrian, Steve, Nicko, Dave and Janick (and let me not forget Eddie for fear of losing my head for it). Check this one out it is one of the best Metal albums around.

Track List:
1. King In Crimson
2. Chemical Wedding
3. The Tower
4. Killing Floor
5. Book Of Thel
6. Gates Of Urizen
7. Jerusalem
8. Trumpets Of Jericho
9. Machine Men
10. The Alchemist
11. Return Of The King – bonus
12. Real World – bonus
13. Confeos – bonus

Official Web site: http://www.screamforme.com/

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