“The Call Of The Wretched Sea” by Ahab

Artist: Ahab
Title: “Call Of The Wretched Sea”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 10/10/2006
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Rating: 3/5

When you take a look at this albums cover with its image of a giant white whale surfacing over a boat of tossed sailors you will immediately think of Mastodon’s monster release “Leviathan”. However, the comparisons end with the Moby Dick artwork as the music inside is not experimental Prog-Metal but instead the morose thundering of Funeral Doom Metal. The three-man group from Germany clearly seem to be good at what they do but therein lies the problem with this brand of Metal as a whole. In Funeral Doom Metal you generally find a lot of repetition across the songs and there is really no such thing as a four or five minute song. As a matter of fact when it comes to Ahab and “TCOTWS”, every song is an epic journey into the abyss itself and runs over nine minutes. The other down side is their following in a similar theme and vibe and while truly heavy in groove there is an almost ponderous build up that does not achieve any true completion before the process begins again. The band is comprised of Chris R. Hector (guitars), Daniel Droste (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Stephan Adolph (bass, guitars, voice). Both Hector and Droste hail from the band Midnattsol (a group whose singer is the Sister of Leaves Eyes’ Liv Kristine) and the music they perform in Ahab is as far to the left as anything they do with that other band. There is nothing upbeat about Ahab and their truly depressing sound – of course they have planned it to be this way.

I admit that this is one genre I fail to “get”, since I need a building up to achieve an end and not just keep me going and going and left wondering what it is that I listened to when it has completed. I would have liked to have lyrics to know more about what was happening here especially when the album reached its closer of “Ahab’s Oath” which was probably the most up tempo track of the entire album. This is definitely something that the fans of bands like Fear Of Eternity might enjoy for it does bring you into a solemn atmosphere but if you are unsure if this is where you would like to travel then I would say keep moving on this one. Ahab is a band that is aimed at a select listener in most cases.

Track Listing:
1. Below The Sun
2. The Pacific
3. Old Thunder
4. Of The Monstrous Pictures Of Whales
5. The Sermon
6. The Hunt
7. Ahab’s Oath

Official Website: www.ahab-doom.de

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