The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show 2013 Is Coming!

Attention all slingers of the six and four string weapons of music, it is that time of the season once more as the Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show makes its return for 2013 at the beautiful Brooklyn Bowl. I’ve brought this fun event to your attention in the past and wanted to let you all know that both DJ Uncle Mike and Lisa Sharken will be at the ready to bring you the best event possible. We are now at t-minus two weeks and as you see on the poster will happen on April 7th from 11am to 5pm.


As before, this event is totally free and all of the necessary details are on the show poster that I have embedded for you just above. What the poster doesn’t show are the attending vendors, so check out this show’s confirmed tables to whet your appetite and let you know just how much cash to bring along:

Returning To The Show: Rivington Guitars, My Generation Guitars, Southside Guitars, DR Strings, Mountain Cat Guitars, Fuchs Audio, Gbase, Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars, Phil Jones Bass, La Bella Strings, Cobra Guitars, Mas Hino Guitars, Antique Electronic Supply, Sheridan Guitars, Dudley Custom Guitars, Indigo Amplification, Richie’s Guitar Shop, Hahn Guitars, Louis Electric Amplifiers, Main Drag Music, DGN Custom Guitars, The Strumming Monkey.

New Vendors At The Show: Metal Pedals, We Buy Guitars, Colby Amplification, Monster Music ..and many more will be returning or displaying for the time!

Over the times that I have attended this event I’ve seen the likes of Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, Alex Skolnick and even John “The Cat” Gatto (from Twisted Sister, Testament and the Good Rats respectively). You never know who might be there and depending on who I see, I might snare some cool moments for the readers of the PiercingMetal blog. To entice you all the more, please check out our past coverage of these events HERE

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