The Boss’ “Springsteen On Broadway” Run Extended Until 2/2018

Back in the beginning of August (which now feels so long ago based on how much keeps happening and needing posts), we shared the news about the first-ever Bruce Springsteen Broadway residency. This would be a series of intimate performances under the moniker of “Springsteen On Broadway” and if you missed the larger post about it just click HERE to recap. These tickets went on sale yesterday and vanished immediately.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Yep, the tickets went on sale early yesterday and according to reports both online and in televised/radio media, the Verified Ticketmaster process was a bit of a disaster as long time fans of The Boss were shut out while the StubHub bots and other means of scalper hoarding got them all. The tickets face value appeared to run from $75 (for the seats near the bathrooms) all the way to about $850 for those closest to Da’ Boss and to say that they were all gone within minutes would be an understatement. These same tickets are now available on the “legitimate” ticket reselling sites for upwards of $2000 apiece. That number is actually among the cheapest that I have seen since I noticed a $3.5K a $5k and even an $8K price on some of them. It was then announced that the performances would be extended until February of 2018 in order to get them into the hands of the fans and not the bots. You can’t tell from this but I am laughing as I compose that sentence. I am glad that they are extending the run for as long as they are but I don’t think that I am getting to any of these shows. I’ve only ever been the casual fan of Springsteen stuff and to pay more than $1000 for a ticket, I better be handing him his water between songs and checking his available guitar picks. It’s my view that these shows will be recorded for a professional home video and audio release because it makes sense to do it. This is a dude who sells out a sports stadium for five nights in a row and here he is playing to under 1k people for the sake of “intimate” showcasing. If you somehow managed to get tickets in the verified program I say “congratulations” because you are one in a few. Now that the shows will surpass “75” performances, its my hope that more of you can get in on it. I don’t think you will since the system has been proven flawed but maybe you will somehow. Now if you will excuse me, I have several dozen calendar entries to make on the Events Calendar 🙁

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