“The Best Of Taste Of Chaos” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “The Best Of Taste Of Chaos”
Label: Warcon Records
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Genre: Metal/Alternative
Rating: 5/10

The Taste Of Chaos tour follows in the footsteps of Ozzfest and The Warped Tour in establishing itself as bringing you the latest music in one big event. TOC however is focused on keeping it heavier and less avant-garde than Warped is, and for fans of the harder edged style but not as heavy or name brand as Ozzfest has become this festival is right up their alley. Warcon Records has taken a track from each band and the result is the ultimate concert sampler. It allows you the best way to get an idea of what awaits you at this particular festival and also makes a kick-ass collection of the years hottest bands. The double-CD gives you 36 songs and will probably direct you to looking deeper into their full album. There are some stand out performers featured on the disk such as Shadows Fall, The Used, Killswitch Engage, Bloodsimple and many more. The CD seems to be split into two sections with the newer more alternative bands on the first CD and then the heavier bands holding court on the second CD. This allows the fan of heavy or kinda heavy the chance to focus on the individual CD aimed at that aspect.

The songs track for track is too lengthy to list but the artists presented are as follows: The Used, Underoath, Story Of The Year, Thrice, Matchbook Romance, Thursday, My American Heart, Armor For Sleep, Billy Talent, Emery, Bleed The Dream, From First To Last, Rise Against, Blindside, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Dark New Day, Roses Are Red, Street Drum Corps, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Deftones, Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall, Dillinger Escape Plan, Bleeding Through, Funeral For A Friend, Norma Jean, It Dies Today, The Bled, Opiate For The Masses, Alexisonfire, The Smashed, Bloodsimple, Most Precious Blood, and Dir En Grey.

Compilations are hard to gauge but I have to say that at least this one had a lot of songs and there are several great bands featured. My rating of 5 is due to nothing new and unreleased being presented. This is a good release for the attendee of the concert who wants some level of reminder of the show or a person who loves compilations. Listeners who prefer full albums by bands they know and have limited interest in being introduced to music in this manner should pass. Not much in the way of album art, but a good idea of the labels these artists come from and the songs themselves is provided for your reading pleasure.

Track Listing:
Disc One:
1. Sound Effects and Overdramatics – The Used
2. I’ve Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack – Underoath
3. Our Time Is Now – Story of the Year
4. Stare at the Sun – Thrice
5. In Transit (For You) – Matchbook Romance
6. War All the Time (Remix) – Thursday
7. The Process – My American Heart
8. The Truth About Heaven – Armor for Sleep
9. Red Flag (Demo) – Billy Talent
10. Studying Politics – Emery
11. Just Like I Remember – Bleed the Dream
12. Note to Self – From First to Last
13. Give It All – Rise Against
14. Fell in Love with the Game – Blindside
15. Should Have Stayed in the Shallows – Fear Before the March of Flames
16. Pieces – Dark New Day
17. 300 Motion Pictures – Roses Are Red
18. Flaco 81 – Street Drum Corps

Disc Two:
1. Burn It Down – Avenged Sevenfold
2. Rose of Sharyn – Killswitch Engage
3. Bloody Cape – Deftones
4. Kill the Music – Every Time I Die
5. Enlightened by the Cold – Shadows Fall
6. Unretrofied – The Dillinger Escape Plan
7. On Wings of Lead – Bleeding Through
8. Roses for the Dead – Funeral for a Friend
9. Bayonetwork – Norma Jean
10. Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads – It Dies Today
11. With an Urgency – The Bled
12. Heaven – Opiate for the Masses
13. Accidents – Alexisonfire
14. Effigy – The Smashup
15. The Diamond Ring – Adair
16. Sell Me Out – Bloodsimple
17. Shark Ethic – Most Precious Blood
18. The Final – Dir en grey

Official Web site: www.tasteofchaos.com

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