“The Best Of: 20 Years Of Rock” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “The Best Of: 20 Years Of Rock”
Label: Capitol/EMI Music
Release Date: 4/6/2006
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 8/10

20 years ago Poison made the Metal heads cringe with their lipstick and hairspray filled brand of Rock and Roll. The dividing lines were officially drawn and it was Headbanger versus Poser from then on and with this CD the band celebrates their history with an 18 song hits package. The band was an instant MTV hit with their fun-filled videos and cartoon character antics. Lead singer Brett Michaels became the girls favorite but drummer Rikki Rocket also was someone who they favored. The guitar work of C.C. DeVille was fun and never overly technical while Bobby Dall held it together on bass. Looking back on it there was more fun and catchiness to these songs than I would have expected back when they first hit the scene. During their popularity peak, I was one of the Headbangers and not the bands biggest fan. However when one looks back on this brand of Rock and Roll you can’t help but find yourself remembering the choruses or videos from these songs as they play since they had been given so much radio and television presence.

This is a good collection of songs and it should not only please the die hard fan but also the casual listener who just has a need for a collection of the bands work. Pretty much all that you expect to find here is present from all of the bands releases and there is even a new recording presented in “We’re An American Band”. The cover of the classic Grand Funk Railroad tune is pretty good but they also feature a dismal version of the KISS classic “Rock And Roll All Nite”. The track comes from the “Less Than Zero” film and I never approved of the Poison version. The first ten tracks give you a majority of music from the bands first two releases and if memory serves me well every single track had a video for it.

Track Listing:
1. Talk Dirty To Me
2. I Want Action
3. I Won’t Forget You
4. Cry Tough
5. Look What The Cat Dragged In
6. Nothin’ But A Good Time
7. Fallen Angel
8. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
9. Your Mama Don’t Dance
10. Unskinny Bop
11. Rock And Roll All Nite
12. Ride The Wind
13. Something To Believe In
14. Life Goes On
15. Stand
16. The Last Song
17. Shooting Star
18. We’re An American Band

Official Web site: www.Poisonweb.com

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