The Barclays Center Has Officially Opened!

Move over Madison Square Garden because Brooklyn is keeping an eye on you with the brand spanking new Barclays Center that has officially opened to the public today. Somehow we missed the opening hoopla and I guess the invite to that went to some other address but oh well, how cool is it to have a new events space such as this in our beautiful Brooklyn. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. Take a look at the image below, its rather striking and looks like an otherworldly craft of some kind.

Now I’m not the biggest sports fan and have only ever seen one basketball game in my life but I do enjoy the occasional NY Rangers hockey game so perhaps I will get to see them when they play over here. There is some speculation about the Islanders relocating from the Nassau Mausoleum but nothing has been officially signed yet. If it happens I guess you will see it on the sports pages since we don’t talk about such things here and are instead all about the music and pop culture on this here Musings Blog. According to what I’ve read, the arena spacing for the various events is as follows:

Basketball: 17,732 – Ice Hockey: 15,795 – Concert: 19,000

PiercingMetal Thoughts: With the official stuff out of the way it’s time to offer up my sage viewpoints about this brand-new space. It’s without question that I am excited about this since it’s another place for some great Rock and Metal shows to take place. I guess if the Coliseum is going to get worked on that some of the tours that would route there will come over to Brooklyn instead. I know that I would love to see my favorite band KISS in my own borough for a change and this place is pretty reachable by so many subway systems. I take the “R” train home which is a horror show for the most part but it comes right here along with another bunch of lines. I am sure that parking will be a pain in the patoot so you drivers might have to scope out in advance when you plan on coming. It might be cool to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra here as well and that is all I will say since I can go on and on about bands that I would enjoy seeing on closer to home turf. Readers of the PiercingMetal Musings Blog and the main website can surely count on my adding topical events to our interests right on the Events Calendar that we have been keeping since launching the site back in 2005. Make sure you bookmark THIS LINK and let me know what bands that you would want to see performing here down in the comments section below.

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