The American International Toy Fair for 2016 Begins Today!

Hello there my readers, I am just taking this time to let you all know that today marks the beginning of the 2016 American International Toy Fair which is going on at the Javits Center. I’ll be heading there with Skeleton Pete soon enough and it will mark our sixth straight year of attending this as members of the accredited press. I’m up early as you can see by the time of the post and packing all of my gear and making sure that I have enough layers on because at the moment, it is about 6 degrees in NYC and with the wind chill factor its even less. Wow is that cold. I’m not looking forward to the journey at all. I’ll be leaving the leather jacket behind and instead pulling a big heavy coat out of the closet for this adventure. What I am looking forward to are all of the appointments that have been locked in and that this weekend will also be the first ever “Play Fair” (that’s a new event that let’s consumers browse some of the offerings that will be at the Toy Fair). I’m going to have my creative edge put to the test for sure based on how many awesome places I’m going to have to talk about. I’ll be posting a lot of the companies as defined presentations with only their offerings and then probably a few “overview” posts for the stuff that I have small batches of images from. These posts will go online over the course of a few weeks as opposed to a small lump of consecutive days since so much of the stuff isn’t going to be available for months anyway.

In addition to the posts that you will see here over the coming days, I’ll be adding a whole lot to my Lifestyle website since those items will fit better over there. This will be the second time that I’ve used my other website in that manner for this convention and I think its safe to say that I will stick to this practice going forward for future events provided we attend. Those interested in seeing the coverage that will appear on the website can click on THIS LINK – The posts will all be presented on your screen. I recommend bookmarking the link first since since the posts will not begin populating over there until a few more days have passed. Now its time to press “publish” and bundle up and head to Javits. I hope that you all enjoy these narratives from an event I love bringing to your attention.

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