The 2015 Grammy Award Winners In Metal & Rock Are….

Here’s the quick list of the Grammy Award categories that our readership is most interested in for those who were either out or locked into the happenings brewing on “The Walking Dead” and “Better Call Saul”. Set your phasers to stunned…….may we have the envelope please……

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BEST METAL PERFORMANCE Goes to “The Last In Line” by Tenacious D from the album “Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life” (Rhino Records)

Beating out “Neon Knights” by Anthrax from “Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life”; “High Road” by Mastodon from “Once More ‘Round The Sun” (Reprise); “Heartbreaker” by Motorhead from “Aftershock” (UDR); “The Negative One” by Slipknot from “Slipknot” (Roadrunner Records)

BEST ROCK PERFORMANCE Goes to “Lazaretto” by Jack White III, songwriter (Jack White) from “Lazaretto” (Third Man Records/Columbia Records)

Beating out “Gimme Something Good” by Ryan Adams (Blue Note Records); “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys (Domino Recording Co.); “Blue Moon” by Beck (Capitol Records) and “Fever” by The Black Keys (Nonesuch)

BEST ROCK ALBUM “Morning Phase” by Beck (Capitol Records)

Beating out “Ryan Adams” by Ryan Adams (Blue Note Records); “Turn Blue” by The Black Keys (Nonesuch); “Hypnotic Eye” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Reprise); “Songs Of Innocence” by U2 (Interscope).

BEST ROCK SONG: “Ain’t It Fun” by Hayley Williams & Taylor York, songwriters (Paramore), from: “Paramore”
(Fueled by Ramen/WB Music Corp)

Beating out “Blue Moon” by Beck Hansen, songwriter (Beck); “Fever” by D. Auerbach, B. Burton & P. Carney, songwriters (The Black Keys); “Gimme Something Good” by Ryan Adams, songwriter (Ryan Adams); “Lazaretto” by Jack White III, songwriter (Jack White).

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Well, when you consider that the award winning Metal tune is a cover of a Ronnie James Dio classic from a solid album of covers by this late great artist I guess its okay to stand behind this particular win. Congratulations to Tenacious D (who are comedians/musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass for those who don’t know that little bit of information). Despite my never really following their adventures I had to say that Jack can really sing and this tune is close to its original. I should admit that I was surprised to find two tracks from this release up for the nomination though and while this is likely a fools dream, I really wish this category would look deeper into the larger offerings of Metal. We all know in our hearts that this is never going to happen. To be even more frank, I should stress how giving the award to an actual band that lives and breathes Metal music as the sum total of their career would have been a better move but alas that was not done. I breezed through the program with the morning coffee and they didn’t even show the Metal category during the broadcast even though the mighty AC/DC opened the show with “Rock Or Bust” and “Highway To Hell”. As far as the other wins for Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album I cannot speak about them since I have not heard those releases. The breeze through found me getting to enjoy a solid Electric Light Orchestra performance along with the completely dreadful tune that Sir Paul McCartney did with Kanye West. Man to have those few minutes of my life back 🙁 What do you readers think? Do you even give a rats patoot about this awards ceremony at this point? Chime in down there in the comments section.

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