The 2013 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest Is Around The Corner…

It’s almost here so who is heading up to Paladium in Worchester, MA for three days of mind-crushing Heavy Metal and Hardcore music for this years NEMF? At the point of this posting it is only ten days away so start that timer and make sure you are packed with all you need since you are running out of time if you are going.

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This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the festival and while I’ve never managed to attend, I have lived its exciting tales through my friends with their stories and photographs. Of course I’ve always been a little envious after the fact but I digress. This year proves to also be a very impressive one for the festival and I’ve copied the three days musical menu for your consumption below. Check it out if you are still unaware…

Friday, April 19th: Anthrax, Hatebreed, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Shadows Fall, Black Breath, Trap Them, Death Before Dishonor, Xibalba, The Mongoloids, Power Trip, Expire, Twitching Tongues, Suburban Scum, Rude Awakening, Antagonist A.D., The Greenery, Disgrace, Battlecross, Holy Grail, VYGR, Alleageon, Mutilation Rites + A Special Guest

* I think that it will be awesome to watch Anthrax deliver their entire “Among The Living” album during the Festival. The following day after their appearance they will hit NYC for two nights as headliner of the Metal Alliance Tour with Exodus, Municipal Waste and many more. I’m planning on hitting the Saturday night of that destructive event. Maybe I shall see you there as well, but now onto the Saturday session of the NEMF.

Saturday, April 20th: Opeth, Dillinger Escape Plan, Katatonia, Ensiferum, Born of Osiris, Terror, After The Burial, Within The Ruins, The Contortionist, Tyr, Glass Cloud, Heidevolk, Trollfest, Helsott, Alpha & Omega, Fit For An Autopsy, Murder Death Kill, Born Low, City In The Sea, Reflections, King 810, Years Since The Storm, Mouth of the South, Dead By Wednesday, Ark of the Covenant, Those Who Fear, Saving Grace, Within The Ruins and Goatwhore.

* No offense to the Friday lineup but Saturday is surely more up my own musical alley these days with bands like Opeth, Tyr, Katatonia and Ensiferum to name a few. I’ve been leaning toward the Viking and Battle Metal stuff along with the Progressive side for a couple years now and there are a few new bands to my ears that are playing on this day that I sure as hell hope get to visiting the city as a part of a package. The brooding Viking stuff will be set on its ear when Dillinger takes to the stage if they even choose to remain on the stage as that is one of the most frenetic and energetic shows that I have ever seen in my concert going life. Let’s continue.

Sunday, April 21st: Suicidal Tendencies, Sick of it All, D.R.I., Miss May I, Job For A Cowboy, Trapped Under Ice, Foundation, Texas In July, The Plot In You, I Declare War, Your Memorial, Legion, Erra, No Mercy, Brick By Brick, Dark Sermon, Remembering Never, Bracewar (Original lineup), Gideon, Incendiary, Sworn In, Thick As Blood, Agitator, To The Wind, Beyond The Shore and Mother Of Mercy.

* Lots and lots of Hardcore for the Sunday part of the event and its a sure stomping care of the likes of Suicidal, SOIA and D.R.I. but the fans are going to get their money’s worth long before those groups hit the stages. I admit I am not much the Hardcore guy but I do love the classic, purveyors of the genre for sure. Their success is why they are still doing it for so many years later. Monday is going to be a hard day to face for fans after this one.

I believe that some small amount of tickets are still available so if you act now you might just be lucky enough to snag one and make the journey. Don’t forget to let us know how it was if you go.

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