“That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires” by Megadeth

Artist: Megadeth
Title: “That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires”
Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 9/4/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

After having the chance to enjoy the killer live concert DVD by Megadeth for a couple of months now one might wonder whether an audio only version of this is concert is actually necessary. If you are one of those people who does not yet own the DVD for “That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires”, then you are indeed a Metal fan who is cheating themselves out of a totally enjoyable and kick ass concert film. The release itself has been receiving some high acclaim and showed a Megadeth that was firmly back in control of their destiny and deserving of any of the accolades that they were getting. It was filmed after the first Gigantour had completed and showcases the lineup of Dave Mustaine, the Drover Brothers Glen and Shawn and bassist James McDonough in front of a capacity crowd in Argentina. Given the band’s appearance in a region where they really know and love their Metal it was not surprising to find that the band shows a tightness that is only able to come after months of grueling touring. Needless to say the audience is beside themselves with joy and exhilaration as the band performed its set. The show was in support of “The System Has Failed”, their newest release at the time and as result had a fair amount of material from the album along with a number of staple numbers from their catalog. All in all this was a very worthy addition to one’s DVD collection. With that being said, do we really need to own the audio only version of this and my answer is very clearly “yes”. In order to make sure that fans had something to firm their decision up for them, Image Entertainment has included three additional songs from the concert that were not on the DVD. Those songs are “Skin Of My Teeth”, “Angry Again” and “Die Dead Enough” and each of them sounds fine but my favorite falls to “Skin” as it’s such a great live tune.

I admit that finding out that these songs were omitted from the DVD annoyed me just a little bit given the realm of possibility and space considerations that the medium offers a viewer but I am willing to hear their reasoning for doing so. Perhaps the video of them was not on a par with the rest of the tunes we did get. There is no additional or expanded artwork on this and instead only brief liner notes in a four page insert but it is enclosed in a nice cardboard sleeve just like the DVD is. I did enjoy having the chance to blast it via the stereo and car audio and that is who I feel that this is geared toward most outside of the maniac fan who must have every single album and single that is released by the band. What appealed to me about it most was the chance to relive the live concert from Gigantour as this was largely the same set from the show I attended. It was also the chance to enjoy the newest lineup of the band as they became more accustomed to working with Mustaine and together raise the game of the band. Since the filming/recording of this album had taken place, bassist McDonough had left only to be replaced by James Lomenzo (formerly of White Lion and Black Label Society). Megadeth recently signed to Roadrunner Records and have just released the critically acclaimed “United Abominations”, an album that finds the band returning to the top of their game.

Track Listing:
1. Jet Intro
2. Blackmail The Universe
3. Set The World Afire
4. Skin Of My Teeth
5. Wake Up Dead
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Die Dead Enough
8. She Wolf
9. Reckoning Day
10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Angry Again
12. Hangar 18
13. Return To Hangar
14. I’ll Be There
15. Tornado Of Souls
16. Trust
17. Something That I’m Not
18. Kick The Chair
19. Coming Home To Argentina
20. Symphony Of Destruction
21. Peace Sells
22. Holy Wars

Official Website: www.megadeth.com

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