Texas Hippie Coalition @ Bowery Poetry Club (10/22/2009)

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Artist: Texas Hippie Coalition
Venue: Bowery Poetry Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 10/22/2009
Label: Nightmare Records

It was that time of year again when the CMJ Music Marathon took its hold of NYC and offered music fans and media representatives of all genre specifications a wide variety of special events and performances. One of the yearly traditions that PiercingMetal.com has been taking part of is the Skateboard Marketing showcase hosted by company founder Munsey Ricci. A staple figure in Metal and Rock radio promotion, Munsey would be celebrating the company’s 18th anniversary and this year’s showcase would once again take place at the Bowery Poetry Club. The entertainment for the party would come via The Texas Hippie Coalition, a band I had only heard the name of before this evening. Here is a light recap of the bands performance and a batch of photos to enjoy.

The THC plays a brand of Southern Fried Metal that they label “Red Dirt Metal” and after seeing singer Big Dad Ritch, I was not going to argue with this Metal slinging outlaw as he took the stage wearing a bandana over his face. He would only keep this on for a few minutes, and in one sense I felt that was a shame since it was a gripping visual and added just a little bit more intensity to his personality. Hailing from Texas as their name decries, the band is a solid outfit that I felt any fans of the heavier Southern Rock and your conventional “Old School” style might appreciate. If you are a ZZ Top and Lynryd Skynyrd fan that is looking to indulge in a little bit of Metal then I strongly advise you do some digging around for the music that they do. Big Dad was a very imposing presence on the stage and he spoke gruffly to the audience with a slow Texas drawl that commanded your attention. One of the bands guitarists is Randy Cooper who was enjoying demonstrating some very technical flair on the axe for the crowded club. One of the gigs highest moments was when Ritch spoke of “Dimebag” Darrell and how with all the moments of silence in his name he was going to do something a little different. The singer ordered the crowd to raise their fists into the air, and if the person next to you didn’t do it he said just tell them that they were a pu$$y so they would get into line and then for one minute straight the room would yell at the top of their lungs in special dedication to the murdered guitarist. I have to admit that I loved this part of the night quite a bit and feel that more “screams for Dime” are in order as opposed to revered silence based on the larger than life person that he was. The sadness of such a loss notwithstanding, it is better for us to celebrate his memory in a powerful fashion because I think he would have wanted that of us. Nice work Big Dad Ritch.

I didn’t have any real background on their sound before tonight and some research found me learning that the band has a self-titled release out on Nightmare Records and when I compared notes it seems as though a number of the songs played this evening are on that release. They also had one more independently sold CD called “Pride Of Texas” which must have the other songs on it. My plan is to try and get copies of these albums and do some reviews soon and also hope that they come back to this neck of the wood again so more people can get the chance to enjoy them. I know I will be there if possible that is for sure. I really enjoyed the stuff that they brought to the table and in some sense they reminded me of Graveyard BBQ just a little bit. It’s pretty cool to see the Southern side of Rock getting a Metal infusion and showing the fans of the genre that it can be done effectively. They would only play nine songs tonight and as soon as they finished I bolted out of the Bowery Poetry Club and headed uptown for a sure to be crushing appearance from Brooklyn’s own Type-O-Negative. The show would also feature both Destrophy and Seventh Void so you knew that was going to be a good time before you even got in. I could hardly wait and only had a twenty minute train ride keeping me from the festivities at The Nokia Theatre Times Square.

THC Set List:
1. Cocked & Loaded
2. Rollin
3. Texas Tags
4. Clenched Fist
5. Guitar Solos
6. Saddle Sore
7. Leavin’
8. Flawed
9. Pissed Off (and Mad About It)

Official Website: http://thcofficial.com/

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