Tengger Cavalry Founder Nature Ganganbaigal Has Died (2019)

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The news was being circulated late last night when the folks over at the MetalSucks Mansion announced the news that Tengger Cavalry front man Nature Ganganbaigal aka Nature GB had passed away. The band shared the news with them directly and the rest of us have been sharing it along so more people were aware if they were fans of the musician. No cause of death was revealed and I am unaware of Nature’s age other than he was likely in his thirties.

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The Statement:
“It is with deep sadness and shock that we must share the news that Nature has passed away. Nature’s greatest goal in life was the unite people of all backgrounds through community and through music. He was also an advocate for mental health, and encouraged everyone from friends to total strangers to persist through their struggles. Though we have lost a dear friend and a great artists, we know that his music will live on and continue to help us find our common ground and find our strength despite adversity. Please respect the privacy of Nature’s family during his painful time. May the Eternal Blue Sky find him at peace.”

In addition to the bands Official Statement, Patrick Reilly shared the following information with Sucks; “We grew suspicious when he did not show up for a pre-show rehearsal last weekend. We also had a video shoot scheduled, so for him to miss that was a cause for suspicion.” The band “had been collaborating with friends of his in Austin since that time.” Today, authorities informed the band that they found Nature’s body on June 13.

Speaking personally, I can say that though I used to see him around the Metal scene over the course of a number of myriad events, we didn’t know each other all that well and sadly I never managed to catch the band in action despite being quite interested in doing so. Sometimes you just cannot be everywhere and now like so many others who are in the same status, those chances are gone into the wind. My meetings with Nature while brief found me reviewing him as a complex individual. He had tremendous talent and perhaps pushed himself just a little too hard. We wish his friends in real life and on Facebook along with his band mates and of course family the deepest of condolences during this time. Rest in Peace Nature. May you ride across Eternity.

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