Team Rock Declares Bankruptcy: Metal Hammer Magazine and More Cancelled

Yesterday the sad news started circulating about Team Rock’s entering into Administration and this is the United Kingdom’s equivalent of our own US Bankrupcy. When the websurfer opened the main site they would see this notice:

ADMINISTRATORS APPOINTED – TEAM ROCK LIMITED – 19 DECEMBER 2016: Thomas Campbell MacLennan, Alexander Iain Fraser and Jason Daniel Baker of FRP Advisory LLP were appointed as Joint Administrators of Team Rock Limited (“the Company”) on 19 December 2016. The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Joint Administrators, who act as agents of the Company and without personal liability. The Company is being managed on a care and maintenance basis only whilst a buyer for the assets is sought. Accordingly, the TeamRock website will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. The administrators are assessing the position regarding publication of magazines. If you are a subscriber to the Company’s publications the administrators can be contacted via email at [email protected]

As a result of the announcement yesterday, some 73 members of the office staff were made “redundant” which is a corporate way of saying “ciao, ciao we don’t need you anymore” and all four of their monthly magazines ended publication. I am referring to Metal Hammer, Prog, The Blues Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine and while Metal Hammer has been around for decades they were only published by Team Rock over the last four years. It sure does suck since these monthlies spoke to such a wide scope of music. Clicking the logos below will bring you to the Official Facebook Page of each of these magazines since I am not sure how long the real domains will be kept online while this looming dissolution continues. I guess you can find out more information on these pages.

It’s too early to say if another company will come forth and “rescue” these four magazines or even only a couple of them. I remember when something similar happened with the Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs Magazines (both of which I actually contributed to for a few years). The company that had purchased them ran out of money to support them so they were dissolved. No final issue, but some kind of “return” on the web for one of them which really wasn’t the same thing at all. I’ll venture to guess that these last issues are indeed the last and that another crushing blow for the print medium has been delivered. We live in a mobile world now and while some magazines move to the digital format only there are ones that go away entirely and never return. I fondly recall the way back years when I would hit the local newsstand for the latest copy of Circus Magazine or Hit Parader (since that one had a lot of Metal posters in it). Please let me know what you think of this news down in the comments below and what magazines out of this batch were you a regular fan of. Personally speaking I only ever examined Metal Hammer and Classic Rock when I saw them in the stores.

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