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“Tattoo” (Single) by Van Halen

Artist: Van Halen
Title: “Tattoo” (Single)
Label: Interscope Records
Release Date: 1/10/2012
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

A few days ago, I shared the debut video of some brand-new Van Halen material with the clip of their single “Tattoo” which you can watch by clicking HERE if you’d care to. Now since I like to parse out my viewpoints in the review sense, I decided to add some deeper quick thoughts on the song itself as opposed to my notions on the music video which can be found at that link. In the timeline, this is the first new music by Van Halen with David Lee Roth since the two tracks on the “Best Of” release from some 15 years ago. The tune is a slow-moving number that keeps to its pace and doesn’t build to any type of chaos or super heavy parts. There is a nice guitar riff from Eddie, but I expected that much and as far as Alex goes he is keeping this to a four on the floor style. On bass is Eddie’s son Wolfgang and he does a fine job of locking in the rhythm section. I also believe he is singing some backup like his predecessor Michael Anthony used to.

Roth both speaks and sings in his own inimitable style during the number and since the song is called “Tattoo”, he is singing about the various tattoos and what they do upon display. I am going to say that I believe Roth is singing metaphorically as I cannot for the life of me remember whether he has any tattoos. If he does, please pardon my oversight. I couldn’t rate this one as more than “okay at best” because Van Halen was one of the top three most important bands in my personal world but that being said, did I expect them in their later years to bring me back decades to my own youth? I don’t know but perhaps its what I secretly hoped for. Though I usually don’t discuss reviews with other parties that do this with me I did ask a few trusted allies and they confirmed that they also were left wanting after hearing the new material. One has to hope that the rest of the stuff on “A Different Kind Of Truth” will be better than this one single was. It you loved it, well good for you. It didn’t do it for me, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Let’s see what happens shall we?

Track Listing:
1. Tattoo

Official Website:

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