Taste Some “Fresh Blood” With The Debut Video From She Demons

Logo - She Demons

The band She Demons might be new to your ears so let me get you hip to the goings on with this brand new all-girl Hard Rock/Metal band from California. Earlier this year they were the brainstorm of the legendary Misfits bassist/singer Jerry Only who felt a project like this would be a great inspiration to girls that wanna Rock and after numerous auditions settled on the final lineup of Priya, Kiki, Constance, Jessica and Alicia – The She Demons. I caught the girls in concert just the other day when they opened up for Misfits in NYC at the newly christened Playstation Theater and I really enjoyed their set. Check out their sound and their look in the debut video “Fresh Blood” which is embedded below.

About The Clip: The clip finds the girls wandering into an ice cream shop where a group of punks known as The Jackals have begun harassing the clientele and ownership. The Jackals feel its party time when the lovely ladies lock themselves into the place and as they accost them they find out very tragically that there is more to these girls than meets the eye. It stars the full She Demons lineup along with Mr. Only who is behind the counter serving up the sodas before the mayhem ensues.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I have to say that I really got a kick out of this video and how it told us a little story that turned into a bloody mess of a monster movie by the time that it finished. Its a little gory yes and there is quite a bit of splatter going on as the story plays out but we live in a world where “The Walking Dead” rules the airwaves and there is a lot worse being shown during that sixty minutes so I think you can deal with it. The song itself also rocks the socks and shows that these girls truly can play their instruments as well as being quite the lookers. I think that there is a lot of potential in the group and look forward to hearing more music and seeing more videos from them in the near future. What did you think of this clip and the overall music we get from She Demons?

Official Website: http://shedemons.rocks

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