Talk About A Titanic Team-Up! KISS & Motley Crue to Tour Together in 2012

I am pretty much a lifelong KISS fan and can safely say that I have been behind the Motley Crue initiative since their first album so when it comes to an announcement like this I tend to geek out for a little while. You cannot blame me for this because when it comes to me being a fan of music, KISS is kind of the reason that I started following the heavier side of life way, way, way back in the dawn of my own upbringing. That being said many of my earliest memories of flipping around on the radio dial come flooding back to me when I hear a particular KISS track. With Crue I remembered first hearing of them when a band I knew was attempting to do “Public Enemy #1” with their Metal band because they had just heard this new bands album. I rushed out to get a copy even though their take on the tune was not all that great. As we have said before, every now and again we like to use the Official Blog for to broadcast event items of note because it sparks up some of the fans and keeps people talking about the live scene. That is never a bad thing. That being done, how friggin’ cool is it to envision KISS and Motley sharing the same stage. I say its pretty damn cool and to me makes much more logical sense than when KISS and Aerosmith co-headlined a tour back in uhmmm, you know, back when they did this a few years ago. Check out the super cool poster.

The dates for this massive happening will begin in June I am reading and while some are curious/concerned over who is actually headlining, I think its safe to assume that KISS will close out the run of the dates. They will likely each be doing a 1.5 hour show and believe me that lets everyone focus on their very biggest hits. You are not going to risk hearing a whole lot of new stuff at a show like this outside of maybe a tune or two. These bands know full well what the audience is clamoring for and they always deliver in spades. KISS as a concert for me is a religious experience and while two of the original lineup are no longer in the costumes, I still manage to have a great time at their shows. When it comes to Motley Crue, I last caught them in the summer of 2011 and felt that they were back on their game and kicking some serious ass again. I had been unimpressed by one or two of the performances I caught previously but I can be a fuss given the whole concert reviewer status I have now at 8.5 years as press. I will guarantee that the fans will not be disappointed at all and leave with smiles from ear to ear and probably a whole lot of tour merchandise.

Tickets for this major Metal happening will start being sold on March 23rd and obviously given what we have seen from each band in the past there will be some exclusive (and expensive) VIP stuff to indulge in as well should you have that level of cake to play around with. Sometimes these VIP things are awesome as you get a really good seat, a bag of coolness and get to be photographed with the band as well. I do hope that the photograph is only you and the band and not some cluster f**k of other fans because that is hardly fair to do based on the price that it commands.

So what do you think? Are you excited for this one or could you care less? I will admit that I am, even though I fully realize that trying to be media for this kind of affair will be a daunting task for almost any web resource. These seem to be the kind of shows that make everyone come out of the woodwork for and make the same demands of the press contacts in case you were curious as to how it all works. We might have a whole lot of you global readers interested in our views and photographs but we still fall way down on the food chain when compared to some of the heavies out there. Should the higher gods that work the big machine be in our favor we shall surely offer up the kind of quality documentation that you expect here on – That much I promise.

Closing up let me just make sure that any of you new visitors to the planet who have somehow not yet experienced any KISS or Motley Crue music have a couple of leads. These are two solid recommendations to purchase if you have a few extra bucks.

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