“Tales Of Sullen Eyes” by Royal Anguish

Artist: Royal Anguish
Title: “Tales Of Sullen Eyes”
Label: Fear Dark Records
Release Date: 2/1/2006
Genre: Gothic Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Royal Anguish is a Central Florida based band that delivers a more European style of Extreme Metal which couples the sadness of Gothic along with the blistering levels of Black and Traditional Metal. On “Tales Of Sullen Eyes” you are instantly hit with some of the time signatures often associated with bands like Dimmu Borgir but the blazing speed gets countered by the lovely Katy Decker’s operatic and melodic notes. The shining light in the dark effect of her voice is immediately countered by the darkness of Matt Knowles who handles the growling beast vocal parts to the recording. It is a very musically challenging recording as well, since the group does manage to deliver some complex riffs and interesting changes to the overall feel of the tunes. The five-song EP is a definite must have for fans of bands like Epica or Darzamat as there are some similarities in style but enough differences to make Royal Anguish a unique listening experience.

There are numerous Operatic forays by Ms. Decker, but the music is not overly Symphonic and that keeps them from being a clone of some of these other bands who employ the female Gothic vocal part. “Twisted Angel” and “The Tale Of Sullen Eyes” were my favorites of the EP’s content but truly this was a consistent listen for me, as I found no fault on any of it. If anything it leaves you curious for more of their material. Joining Knowles and Decker on the recording are Marius Kozlowski (lead guitar), Sean Tibbetts (bass) and Anthony Smith (drums). I feel this is a group that has larger things in store for them, so check this out as soon as possible.

Track Listing:
1. Twisted Angel
2. Until I’m Dead
3. The Lonliness Of One
4. The Tale Of Sullen Eyes
5. Tortured Visions 2004

Official Website: www.royalanguish.com

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