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Opening Today: “World War Z” (6/21/2013)

The craze about zombies overrunning our society in film continues with this “World War Z” which opens today.

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Click To Purchase Tickets On Fandango

I’m posting this one but I really don’t know all that much about the Brad Pit action/horror film that pits the remaining living people of the world against a rapidly growing zombie pandemic. Having been a regular viewer of the “Walking Dead” series and greatly enjoying our struggle against the dead (at least on the screen more than I likely would in real life) I figured this would be a great film for fans of this brand of horror. The thing that intrigues me most is the fact that the zombies appear to move fast and like wild herds of animals where in “The Walking Dead” they mostly shamble about with force. The trailers for this sure do look exciting so let’s hope for the best. My expectations are that is keeps a bleakness that we find in “TWD” and while there should be moments of hope, this does not seem like a scenario that we would and should expect to easily come out of. Make sure to keep a space between you an the next person in the audience free just in case.
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Airing Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 3.5 (2/10/2013)

Poster - The Walking Dead - S3.5

So how have you been holding up since the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” that left us hanging on by a vein so to speak back in December 2012? Are you still alright and functioning normal with no mysterious bites or scratches that might find you “changing” on us? Okay well then let’s continue and as I said when I decided to post a broadcast narrative for season three, I suggest anyone who has not yet managed to enjoy the goings on of the first half of S3 should stop reading now, and close this website tab because I want to bring some stuff up.
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Airing Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 3 (10/14/2012)

Time to rally up your armaments for the seemingly endless battle against the dead who walk and seek us out like we were McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Yep, hot off the ending of this years NY Comic Con, comes the third season of “The Walking Dead” which begins tonight. Folks that didn’t attend the Con might be amused to find out that the access passes to the event featured various characters from the show.

Poster - The Walking Dead - S3
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