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“Welcome 2 My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper

Artist: Alice Cooper
Title: “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 9/13/2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4.25/5

Sometimes sequels can be a very scary thing and I think that when it comes to the one and only Alice Cooper that this is exactly the mindset that he wants to leave you with. In 1975 Alice delivered his “Welcome To My Nightmare” album, and this was not only a concept record that delved into the mind of the insane, but also Cooper’s very first solo album outside of the works done with his original Alice Cooper Band. The singer brings us back to the storyline that he began all those decades ago and to increase its value is joined by producer Bob Ezrin and three members of the original band who drop in on a few tracks for good measure. It’s an interesting listen and one that follows a number of different musical avenues as it progresses and when you consider the albums overall theme this seems to work out to its benefit. It begins with a soft, almost ballad kind of number in “I Am Made Of You” and the only downside to this track is the overuse of the auto tune stuff. Please Mr. Cooper, leave that for the Pop crap and don’t give it to us. It takes away from an otherwise very powerful opener that makes you feel as though the opening to a film is happening in your mind. A fun and quirky number dedicated to “Caffeine” follows this and it appears as though our protagonist Steven is hoping to stay alert and awake and not fall into the slumber that brings the eventual nightmare’s to his mind.
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