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PiercingMetal’s Editorial For 2018

Well my friends it’s almost a wrap on the 2018 year and that means its time for my annual “State Of The Site” or “Year End Editorial” – you can run with whatever label that you prefer. For those who’ve seen these over the years I don’t need to repeat what it is, but the newbies should know that it’s my chance to share some of the insight about this website with those who are interested. It’s here that I offer up the scoop on some development changes and all of the other machinations on being a bit of a content manager, scribe, photographer and social media savant. As I did last year, I am aiming at keeping this a lot shorter than it used to be. Here we go.

editorial text

The Website Changes:

Visually Speaking: The PiercingMetal site continues to use the theme “Twenty Fourteen” after moving on from the “Raindrops” theme back in late 2016. Though I’ve got an issue here and there with it the theme functions as I need it to, so it will remain in place. Perhaps I will give the Raindrops one another go around our 14th Anniversary in April because I did like it. Originally we changed said theme to the one you see now based on lack of updates and issues that messed up the reader experience. Failure to get any support help found me saying “Next”. Before the morph into WordPress, a special customized theme was being worked on, but when the Dev let go of the project said theme was never released to our Metal Media Command HQ. Tech happens.

Features: In the Features Grouping, the main topics of focus fall into the Upcoming Tours, Milestones, and Memorials and all of these have all picked up steam this past year. These three are aimed at keeping you aware, keeping you celebrating and alas even reflecting with respect about those who might have left us. There is also “PiercingMetal Says” which is a bit of a catch-all/ While I don’t anticipate any additional features being added to the mix at the time of this editorial I will say that I have made a couple of subtle changes. I’ve retitled “Upcoming Tours” to be “Tours and Festivals” with the mindset being to reach our readers outside of our immediate geographic region with stuff that is relevant to their interests. Several of our publicists handle a wide array of Festival events and it would be a missed opportunity to not showcase that to you. If a new feature comes to me in a dream, I will strongly consider adding it but for the most part I think that we cover sufficient bases with these. My suggestion box is open for those of you who might have a brainstorm but please be aware that no prize comes from you discussing something that will cause me more work at the end of the day.
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Dramatic Changes To PiercingMetal’s Regional Event Planner

I wanted to take a quick minute and share with readers about one of the big changes that was made to the PiercingMetal site just this past weekend. As our long time readers are well aware of, the website has had a handy Regional Events Calendar installed under the domain since Launch Day One back in 4/4/2005 and this resource would feature as many of the areas hottest shows and often an album or video release when it was possible to add that information.   I should add that the image below was how this calendar looked up until this past Friday afternoon before it went away in the format that was in play for the past ten years.  So now what you might be wondering.

Photo - PiercingMetal Legacy Calendar - 2015

With the PiercingMetal website hitting its 10th Anniversary back in April and Converting to WordPress just over a year ago it was high time for a change to the Web Calendar.  I found a plugin that I liked and began loading it up with as many upcoming things that I could find so it was immediately a mirror of the upcoming stuff from the old presentation.  To up the ante I even added several new venues and types of happenings to the mix to make this even better than the one that our brand had moved on from.  The historical archive of the entries to the old calendar show that “4,885” items were listed over the past ten years and two months.  That amounts to almost “1,200” entries more than the “3,719” total days that PiercingMetal.com has been online. Whew. The stuff you discover when you love numbers. I was sad to lose all of those legacy listings and I should admit that the idea of none of that being a part of the site anymore almost made me not do the changeover. It was when I realized that no one is looking through the calendar for old show dates likes its an issue of the Village Voice or the East Coast Rocker that my resolve was firmed up to do it. So without any further adieu, please click the link below to see the new Events Calendar for PiercingMetal.com – I hope that you love it as much as I do because I think it has a lot more depth than the older software allowed. There is even a form for readers to point out any glaring omissions that should be added to the mix so by all means use it.

The All-New PiercingMetal Events Calendar: https://piercingmetal.com/events/

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to share this resource with your fellow Metal heads so more people can get to the shows. There are so many great things happening in our Big Metal Apple that need your attention. Now back to the regularly scheduled narratives. Don’t forget to follow along on our social networks which have been placed below for your immediate access.

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Huzzah!!!! It’s PiercingComics!!!!

I know, I know……what is he going on about now you might be saying, and just what the heck is the story behind the logo below these words.  Well, the answer is on the simple side my friends and I was just being a little bit grandiose with the announcement when it all came down to it.  Last year I attended the NY Comic Con as a member of the accredited press and it was a blast to do it and share the findings and photos with the readers of the PiercingMetal Blog.  I had also reviewed one of the Metal related comics that came out from Terminal Press a few months earlier and this all got me to brainstorming a little more – What about a focus on Comics from time to time?  Yes!!! I exclaimed and a quick call was placed to our own Joe Kaufman who fashioned this little bit of coolness for me as I introduce my readers to PIERCINGCOMICS (insert thunderclap here)…..

So what exactly is “PiercingComics”, well, its actually just a different name for the “Comic Booking It” category on the blog that I created just the other day and added to our mix.  This category will line out its focus on the music related comics that we find in our possession and of course the coverage of events like the Comic Con when we happen to go.  Perhaps I will expand upon the idea and offer up some of the more conventional comics releases or the big hoopla events or trade paperbacks.  I refer to the Marvel Comics or DC Comics stuff since they always are dishing out some coolness.  I am still unsure about the actual planning but whatever the case may be I have a feeling that you will find it interesting.  Well, I hope so at least.

I went back through the blog and added in a couple of tags like “comic books” and moved some older items to the “Comic Booking It” category so they are easier to locate.  I felt that this stuff would be best served up in the site blog as opposed to launching yet another website.  There are already a ton of comics sites that have been around for awhile, but with my doing it this way, I get to speak about the medium as a lifelong fan who now walks among a lot of creative people and things as an entertainment scribe.

Comments on this idea are always welcome provided they stick to  topic.  That’s a given at this point 🙂

UPDATE (8/1/2015): Since the time of this posting the PiercingMetal.com site has been completely turned into a WordPress presentation and all side blog features are now part of the main site. The Comic Book related content now all falls under the Category of “Comics”

Introducing “PiercingComics” (Kapow, Zok, Whamm!!!)

Perhaps I should explain what I am talking about. For many, many years I was a comic book collector and as result have several thousand of them in various locations of the city and even some in our illustrious PiercingMetal Command HQ. I’ve freely admitted that I have been close to a lifelong fan of the adventures of Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Green Lantern, The Avengers and at this point far too many others to even list. My appreciation of the medium led me to give an overview on a comic book that featured Norway’s own Dimmu Borgir called “The Dark Fortress” and only last month I attended the NY Comic Con for 2010 as a member of the accredited press. This was my first comic convention in years and it was super exciting to be able to present my findings to the fans of my website and blog. I’ll be hitting similar events going forward using the “Convention Adventures” category. So without any further adieu I would like to announce the beginning of the “Comic Booking It” category here on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. Queue dramatic music and stop 🙂

So What Will This New Category Feature? I am getting to that. Right now I envision this as a means to do additional synopsis or reviews of comics that might feature Metal bands as their protagonists or be the result of a creative team that features a musician or band of note. Over the years there have been a few comics dedicated to the mighty KISS, The Beatles and even a series that was called “Rock & Roll Comics” which I enjoyed reading depending on the issue and the artist that was featured. You can read about the Rock comics HERE if you like. That will be my starting premise but I know that I would really enjoy the chance to speak a little about some of the new mini series that might come out from Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse if such a thing becomes possible based on resource availability. Whatever happens I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this kind of reviewing. I’m sure you will like it.

Closing up I just wanted to thank our good friend and unofficial Art Director Joe Kaufman for this new and wonderful logo so we could make a big deal about this new feature on the Official Blog.

UPDATE: Since the original time of this post, PiercingMetal.com has integrated all of its blog content into the main presentation and this category is now labelled “COMICS” – Also, the previously labelled “Convention Adventures” Category has been removed from the website and all event coverage was moved to “EVENTS”. This merge and reorganization has made for a better reader experience.