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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming March 2018

Hello my friends and welcome to March. By now I am hoping that some of you had gotten out to see the “Black Panther” film. I managed to see it yesterday because I was tied up with the Toy Fair and then a bunch of shows around the time that it opened up. The film is exciting and loaded with action and new visual worlds that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe a bigger and better place. As you can see, there are a lot of cool titles launching this month along with some special editions and one-shots. Let’s take a look at them with the provided press and images. I’ll close out as usual at the close. Here we go.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Damnation” Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider” #1

DAMNATION: JOHNNY BLAZE GHOST RIDER #1: DAMNATION TIE-IN! Johnny Blaze takes the fight to a different devil than he usually faces — Mephisto! But Mephisto will show Johnny his own brand of suffering — and give Johnny PLENTY of reasons for vengeance.

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Marvel Comics Delivers “Venom” 30th Anniversary Variant Covers In March

As you might have noticed, there are a LOT of variant cover programs coming from the House Of Ideas this March and the latest batch are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Venom. Can you believe that its been thirty years since we first met this incredible character? Check out the covers below and who worked on them. I’ll return at the close with some additional thoughts.

The Press Release:
In preparation for Venom’s 30th anniversary, get ready for 20 key moments showcasing the symbiote’s epic history. These anniversary covers will feature art by some of the industry’s top creators and rising stars, including Mark Bagley, Mike Perkins, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Lim, Inhyuk Lee and more! The first wave of VENOM VARIANT COVERS will hit comic shops on March 7th. Don’t miss your chance to collect all 20 variants, coming to comic shops this March.


marvel comics, comic book covers, venom 30th anniversary variants, variant covers
“All-New Wolverine” #33 (Venom 30th Anniversary Variant)


marvel comics, comic book covers, venom 30th anniversary variants, variant covers
“Amazing Spider-Man” #798 (Venom 30th Anniversary Variant)

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Marvel Comics Announces “Weapon H” Series Coming 2018

The Press Release:
The Weapon X program has done it, at the cost of their own destruction: they’ve completed their biggest and most dangerous experiment yet, a hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine DNA known as WEAPON H. Now, he’s ready to take on the world – and he means business.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Weapon H” #1

Following his debut in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK and WEAPON X’S “Weapon of Mutant Destruction” summer crossover, Marvel is excited to announce that the character will star in a new ongoing series coming in March from Totally Awesome Hulk/Weapon X writer Greg Pak and X-Men: Blue artist Cory Smith.

“Greg Pak wrote one of the biggest and most action-packed Hulk stories ever in Planet Hulk…so it only made sense that he brought those same sensibilities to Weapon H,” said series editor Darren Shan. “We’re going to pit him against the biggest threats of the Marvel Universe that you can imagine, starting with a new kind of Wendigo! And then Cory Smith is going to multiply that times ten and smash the hell out of it with his incredible art! Whether you read his first appearance in Weapon X: The Hunt for Weapon H or not, you’re going to find that we only scratched the surface of this bombastic new character!”

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WEAPON H #1: Written by GREG PAK, Art by CORY SMITH, Cover by LEINIL YU

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll admit that I wasn’t reading “Totally Awesome Hulk” religiously nor the big crossover event so the idea of this Weapon H creation is on the new side to me. That said I am always game for a new character and a first issue. He looks pretty menacing so let’s see what kind of good he does or damage he causes. What do you readers think about this new title? Will you be adding it to your pull list or do you need to peruse on the shelves when it finally arrives? Let me know in the comments section below.

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com