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“We Don’t Have To Dance” (Single) by Andy Black

Artist: Andy Black
Title: “We Don’t Have To Dance”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 3/18/2016
Genre: Power Pop/Synthwave
Rating: 4/5

You know his name from being the lead vocal presence behind the Black Veil Brides and while Mr. Biersack once went by Andy Six he now goes by either Andy Biersack (his family name) and Andy Black which is the name he uses for his solo efforts. The first single from his upcoming album “The Shadow Side” was just recently released and I wanted to give you a quick overview about it until I have the means to do a full album review. For starters this is nothing like we would get from his BVB adventures and is instead a pumping Darkwave sort of tune that has a super catchy chorus to it. Lots of synths and a danceable groove that makes me feel this could be a hit for the musician and one that finds him a completely new audience of ardent admirers. That’s all I have about it in this plain and simple observation of the single track.
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