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Nevermore/Sanctuary Singer Warrel Dane Has Died (1961-2017)

Earlier this morning, a promoter friend had posted a reflective word of “thanks” to former Nevermore current Sanctuary singer Warrel Dane and after some initial shock the news hit his online community of friends and associates like a steel rod to the jar. Warrel Dane had indeed passed away only a few hours earlier. The singer suffered a heart attack while in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He was 56 years of age.

warrel dane, warrel dane photos

The first time that I ever heard Warrel sing was when he was in the band Sanctuary, and was the song “Future Tense” that I found being a part of a compilation cassette that a friend had given me. It was some sort of record label promotional thing and while I was hooked on the track, I never got around to finding the album nor seeing the band. The above and below photos hail from a Sanctuary appearance in 2012 when they were a reunited group. They sounded terrific for sure and it brought a lot of people back in time. It was the first of three times that I would get to see the band performing.

warrel dane, warrel dane photos
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Overkill & Symphony X @ Terminal 5

A team-up of titanic Metal proportions as Overkill and Symphony X share the co-headlining duties for a brief tour. They will be joined by Sanctuary so you know this night is going be a thrill ride.

Win To See Sanctuary In NYC In NYC On 7/10/2013

Logo - Sanctuary

The Scoop: The band Sanctuary were Metal leaders in their Seattle location and were delivering a type of Metal that was closely in line with their regional counterparts Queensryche. They were the part of a new underground Metal scene that was growing stronger by the day but they would soon disband with their singer forming Nevermore. The idea of a Metal world with Sanctuary in it once again was revisited in 2010 and now we find this reunion continuing and new shows and music being worked on. They’ll be hitting NYC and thanks to the fine folks at Livenation, I am proud to announce that some PiercingMetal fans will be a part of the show on the house. Read further on how to participate.
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Sanctuary @ Gramercy Theatre (1/11/2012)

Artist: Sanctuary
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Cypher Seer, Gothic Knights, Sanitarius
Date: 1/11/2012
Label: Independent Artist

You will have to admit that when it comes to the topic of band comebacks or reunions, that you can never really be too sure about the rationale behind them in terms of why or when they might actually happen. Some come to fruition when you least expect it and leave you saying “wow, never saw this one happening” and I had to say that this was my thought process when it was announced that singer Warrel Dane had reactivated his legacy band Sanctuary. The Seattle based Power Metal band was active in the middle eighties and disbanded in 1991 when Grunge Rock was taking over their home base. The singer would form Nevermore with some of the other Sanctuary members and keep their pursuit of Metal strong for many years but the early part of 2011 appeared to be a difficult one in the life of the band and after some tour cancellations and members resigning, Dane announced the band was on a for the foreseeable future hiatus. Even with this event happening I didn’t ever see a Sanctuary reunion happening because in all honestly while popular among some underground circles there was not a whole lot of buzz around them or a hopeful return. The show would hit the Gramercy Theatre this evening and bring along a host of local area opening acts. This is how the night took place for those who didn’t attend.
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“In Memory” (remaster) by Nevermore

Artist: Nevermore
Title: “In Memory” (remaster)
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 9/5/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

In celebration of their 15th Anniversary, Century Media Records has released several remastered editions of their best artists which have also been expanded to include unreleased and demo tracks along with enhanced artwork.

According to lead singer Warrel Dane, the material on the “In Memory” EP was a bit rushed in terms of its production as it was a record label request that the band have something new available for the masses while their next album, the prolific “Politics Of Ecstasy” was being worked on. The EP would be able to be purchased by the fans that would be in attendance at one of the festivals the band would be playing in Europe. As you listen to the music on this EP, you will totally find a strong representation of the bands former life as Sanctuary. The way that Warrel sings on “The Sorrowed Man”, which he cites was actually a Sanctuary tune but the album that it was to go on never was able to be recorded, released and hence the band was nevermore if I can slide a pun in there since it fits so well. “Matricide” is another complex number that delivers while the odd choice of the Bauhaus medley of “Silent Hedges/Double Dare” really works when given a Metal sheen to its original brooding Gothic version.
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