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Wacken Open Air @ Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein

The Metal Festival to end all Metal Festivals will take place in Wacken, Germany over the next few days and we list it here because we know some of our readers are making the pilgrimage from the states. There are too many Metal highlights to speak of but attendees can count on bands like Opeth, Ensiferum, Rob Zombie and a special set from a reunited Savatage. Don’t forget to send us a postcard 🙂

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“Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Armageddon Over Wacken 2004”
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 11/15/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

In the Heavy Metal Halls Of Honor there is probably no other festival that is as respected and as aspired to be a performer at as the Wacken Open Air festival. It runs for three days each year in Wacken, Germany and when it arrives, the Metal heads that come from all parts of the world number in the tens of thousands. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult festival to review and of course document but this DVD does its best to bring a little bit of the far away action right into your living room. The double DVD does seem to deliver much of what you can expect if you attended and really serves as one of those things that might prompt the adventurous Metal aficionado to map out his travel itinerary for their own visit. I enjoyed watching this more than I did listening to the companion CD’s that were released in tandem to this, as a festival of this type is better seen than merely listened to.
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“Armageddon Over Wacken” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Armageddon Over Wacken 2004”
Label: Magick Records
Release Date: 3/29/2005
Genre: Black, Power, Death, Heavy Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

The Wacken Open Air Festival is one of the most popular and anticipated Heavy Metal events in the world these days. For three days dozens of bands unleash their very best on over 30,000 crazed Metal maniacs. This release of “Armageddon Over Wacken 2004” is a great sample of what goes on during the course of the Festival. Taking 3 CD’s that run over 3 hours of music, the listener is given a brief but solid idea of what goes on during the course of the Festival. It is impossible to showcase everything with even three disks but clearly the only way the US can experience some of the excitement without being their themselves. Recorded in 2004 this edition is broken up into different genres on each CD. I will give some commentary on the individual disks in order to maintain some sense of the overall release.
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