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Bon Jovi Unveils Career Spanning “17” LP Boxed Set

Though I still need to replace my long non-functioning turntable, I still have most of my records and love to share the news about any artists who are re-issuing their catalog on high-quality vinyl. Speaking frankly, there are so many of my friends and inner circle music peeps who are vinyl maniacs who even go on excursions for Record Store Day each year in the hopes of finding something limited and eventually classic. This press release below lines out the massive news about a comprehensive career boxed set for the one and only Bon Jovi. Check out the full on scoop and the provided images. I’ll return at the close with a brief thought or two. I should warn you that since there are a LOT of albums in this set that the press copy is rather long. You might want to get a fresh cup of coffee before you begin.

The Press Release:
With over 130 million albums sold, an extensive catalog of hit anthems, and nearly 3000 concerts performed in 50 countries for over 35 million fans, Bon Jovi is simply one of the world’s most successful bands, ever. As their new album, This House Is Not For Sale, debuts at #1 in the US, Australia and Japan and in the Top 5 in 54 other countries, Island/UMe announces that a comprehensive vinyl box set of 25-LPs, entitled Bon Jovi: The Albums, will be released in February 2017. It will include all Bon Jovi albums and additional titles (as outlined below) for premium collectors. The box set release will coincide with the kick-off of the band’s This House Is Not For Sale Tour in North America. Check out the contents of the career-spanning box set in the unboxing trailer here and pre-order now: https://UMe.lnk.to/BonJoviBox

Alternately, Island/UMe has made every Bon Jovi album from the past thirty-two years available for individual purchase on high-quality vinyl now. Fans can purchase individual albums now at https://UMe.lnk.to/BonJoviLPs
Every vinyl album preserves the original look and sound of the originals – all LP jackets are exact replicas of the original album cover and songs have been mastered to the band’s specifications to ensure exceptional audio quality. There are also plenty of “firsts” – this will be the first time Bon Jovi’s albums from the 2000’s have been pressed in any territory before, others will receive their first-ever U.S. vinyl releases, while many are being pressed for the first time in decades.
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Today Is Record Store Day 2015 (4/18/2015)

Today is “Record Store Day” for 2015 and as always its with loaded wonderful musical surprises for all of those fans of the big black disk. Have you been scouting locations for some of the trinkets in your immediate region? There is a lot of Rock and Metal to be had and I’ve culled through the emails and press notices that I regularly receive to let you know about a bunch of them nice and early in case you are traveling far to get to your local or not too local retailer. Check it out below.

Logo - Record Store Day - 2015

At the Gates, “Gardens of Grief’ 12″
Atreyu, ‘So Others May Live’ 7″
Billie Joe Armstrong, ‘Live Freaky! Die Freaky!’ 7″ picture disc
Blackberry Smoke, ‘Wood, Wire and Roses’ 10″
Blue Oyster Cult, ‘Bad Channels’ soundtrack, 2X12″
Buzzcocks, ‘The Way’ 7″ Colored Vinyl
Candlemass, ‘Live’ 2X12″
Carcass, ‘Choice Cuts’ 2X12″
Citizen Dick, ‘Touch Me I’m Dick’ 7″ Vinyl
Clutch, ‘From Beale Street to Oblivion’ Special Edition 2X12″
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Today Is “Record Store Day 2014”

Just a bit of a broadcast piece for you kind readers to remind you that today is indeed “Record Store Day” and despite the closure of one of my favorite spaces for such things, J&R Music World – there are still numerous spaces around the city and of course the country that are holding the banner up high for your listening pleasure.

Logo - Record Store Day - 2014
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It’s Record Store Day Today (4/20/2013)

Logo - RSD 2013

It’s that time of year once again when music fans of all types head out to the area record shops in search of trinkets and limited time only special editions from their favorite bands. Even though I’ve long ago become a CD only type of music fan, I still have a healthy number of my old records and fondly remember the pleasure that they gave to me while playing them. Of course a lot of my friends and site readers are still avid fans and go exploring on a day like today so I’ve made sure to set this little reminder up for their edification.

The site below brings you to the official page for Record Store Day and its here that you can no only search for items that are interesting to you and this year you can even download an App for your iPhone or Droid device. The links for that is right on the main page so be sure to do it. One of the things that sometimes takes place on Record Store Day are special live musical performances or just appearances so you might want to keep an eye out for those as well. Depending on what I find happening in my Metropolis and how it relates to a heavier side of music I might just end up with more writing to do. That is never a bad thing at the end of the day. So I wish all of you LP explorers a good find today and hope you have a blast.

Official Website: http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home