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Happy 35th Anniversary To MTV (8/1981-8/2016)

Logo - MTV

Today is a monumental occasion my dear readers and is forever marked in history as the day that the very first video played on the brand new video network called MTV. That historic moment came thirty five years ago in 1981 when “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles appeared across the television screens of the viewers who actually had access to the network. From that that moment the music industry was forever changed and video clips for new songs from both new and older artists were pretty much a requirement. I found a link to the original video and have embedded it for your enjoyment below. It was quite the quirky clip but I loved it and The Buggles featured a keyboardist named Geoff Downes who would grow to larger fame in the future as a member of Asia and eventually join into the band Yes. Check out the video.

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