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Dig It: Lullwater & Ryan White Deliver “Vendetta Black” For Free!

Back in the Fall I had the chance to meet the guys in Lullwater when they were doing a support slot for Flyleaf and I am happy to add that after witnessing a rocking set of 100% pure grade Rock and Roll that a few beers were consumed as well. Lots of laughs, stories about their past and plans for the future. It’s pretty safe to say that if you want to a support a good group of dudes that Lullwater deserves the attention. That being said I recently got some press copy about them where they share the information about a collaboration with musician Ryan White along with their latest video. I’m sharing that piece of press with you below the logo so do kindly check it out before I return.

Logo - Lullwater

The Press Copy:
Athens, GA — Lullwater returned to the studio in early 2015, recording the band’s follow-up to their self-titled album. As an advocate for old school recording technology while still embracing the benefits of Protools, front man John Strickland chose El Paso, TX’ Sonic to deliver an environment of seclusion and pure focus to track REVIVAL. With LULLWATER prior he chose to record at Seattle’s legendary London Bridge Studios in December, 2011 with an interest of entering the historic rooms that made a significant impact to defining the Seattle sound.
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