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“Happy Halloween” 2018: Rockers Divulge Their Favorite Horror Films

Last year, I had asked what the very favorite Horror films might be among a wide assortment of the musicians that I had met over the last few years while covering shows and special events. The fun disclosures can be reviewed HERE for those who are new to our offerings and might have missed that when it first ran. Yesterday, I decided to do it again with some of the people that I didn’t get around to that last time and while there are only a few, its still fun to find out what spooks some of our talented friends. Let’s get down to business in finding out what some of Hard Rock and Metal’s best and brightest find to be their favorite and scariest films and what makes this be the case. Scroll down…..if…you…dare……Bwahahahaha!!!!

Margarita Monet (Edge Of Paradise): What i love about Horror films is that they are so much fun to watch with with friends, I wouldn’t watch them alone, it’s way more fun to be terrified together. I love the classics like the “A Nightmare On Elm Street”. But for my favorite, I would have to go with “The Ring”, and not just because the movie was so great, it had all the right bone chilling elements, but watching it with my friends in middle school and acting out as the creepy girl coming out of the TV for weeks later, just brings really fun memories about those days, and maybe we’ll give “The Ring 2” a chance.

“Metal Mike” Chlasiak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Solo): I liked “Hellraiser” because the main character (Pinhead) looked like the evil brother of The Metal God.
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Obituary @ B.B. King Blues Club (10/5/2008)

Obituary is one of the legends of Death Metal and the touring package with Unleashed and Carnifex meant a night of pure, cold Metal. Our coverage is below for those who want to scroll past the logo and learn more. Photos of two of the three performers are also featured, and like the song says, “two out of three ain’t bad”.

Logo - Obituary

Artist: Obituary
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Unleashed & Carnifex
Date: 10/5/2008
Label: Candlelight Records

I had just dealt with what amounted to nothing less than an insane month of shows in my quest to bring the Metal word to the masses, and as result I was unsure about even hitting this gig until the very last minute. Let’s face it, hitting eleven killer Metal shows in sequence and not only documenting the proceedings of the main band on the bill but also shooting images of almost everyone else who performed and choosing to comment on them also can be exhausting for anyone. Be that as it may, it is not often that two legendary bands in the Death Metal genre are hitting the stages on a tour together so when Obituary hit the road with Swedish legends Unleashed my plans were set in motion. The show would reach our area and visit the ever reliable B.B. King Blues Club and find Carnifex as the first band up. Here is our synopsis of the night.
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Unleashed @ The Chance (2/9/2007)

Even though the band was performing this same week at B.B. King’s, I made the decision to head upstate to see friends and then check out the band at The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY. It would be my first time ever hitting the venue and seeing two of the bands on the bill tonight. The Death Metal was being delivered in force tonight by not only the headliner but by openers Belphegor and Krisium as well. We were sure to be there in time to cover all of the main label bands and should you like to learn more just click their logo below. It shall bring you over to the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Logo - Unleashed

Artist: Unleashed
Venue: The Chance (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Opener: Krisium, Belphegor
Date: 2/9/2007
Label: SPV Records

When it came down to Sweden’s Death Metal masters Unleashed coming over for a tour and bringing with them the mighty Krisiun and Belphegor, I knew that I wanted to do the review at one of the other stops on the tour this time around. The opportunity would arise for me to do just that with the bands appearance at Poughkeepsie, NY’s The Chance Theatre. This former Opera house is a great place to see a Metal show based on its actual layout. There is a spacious upper level and the space where the orchestra pit used to be is now where the Metal maniacs mosh to their hearts delight. On arrival, we found the show to be starting a little later than we had expected as not only would the three major bands be playing, but also two unsigned groups as well. To be honest, both of them were forgettable since there was nothing different to be enjoyed by them. The first band was ok but the second was worse based on their lead singer being drunk as hell on stage. He berated the audience and then jumped into the pit to mosh with them. It was a very poor display of professionalism and bands like this do not belong on quality bills in this writer’s opinion. Belphegor was up shortly after the time wasting, and proved to the attending crowd why they are one of the most important of the Black Metal bands today. Now signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the Austrian band delivered a competent set of music from their latest release “Pestapokalyse VI”. They are truly heavy and stand for their musical cause with horns raised high. Helmuth is a commanding presence as their front man and during the set, he would frequently speak to the audience showing there is personality behind the power. My only problem during their set was the overall limited audience at hand. Tickets would be available tonight very easily, but perhaps the lack of a full house was based on their performing in New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club the previous night. The venues being in reasonable proximity
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