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Nightwish Reveals 2020 European Tour Dates and More

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We are big fans of the Finnish sensation known as Nightwish here at the Metal Media Command HQ and I’ve just learned that a whole crop of South American and European dates were unveiled. The band has been in the press lately with news about their upcoming video release “Decades Live In Buenos Aires” and with a video clip reveal in “Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean” (reports which you can examine by clicking the highlighted text). Once you’re done you can take a look at those dates.

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The Statement:
We are happy to announce the first shows of the European leg of Nightwish’s World Tour 2020.
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Nuclear Blast Presents: “Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean” Live by Nightwish

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I guess it was just about a month ago when we helped to share the news about the upcoming Nightwish live concert video and album entitled “Decades Live In Buenos Aires” and now we have a clip from the concert to share with you for the song “Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean”. The song hails from the bands second album “Oceanborn” which was released in 1999. If you want to learn more about the upcoming release just click HERE for the lowdown and all of the different formats that you can get it in. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the video together.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Historically speaking I’ve been listening to Nightwish since that second album and I even caught their first-ever NYC show when the band played the famous L’Amour club. My tenure as a fan has been so long that there wasn’t even a PiercingMetal yet for those who needed a reference point. Watching this video made me mentally relive the exciting concert that I witnessed last year at the Playstation Theater. It was the second time that Nightwish had played their and now with this venue closing its doors in December it can never happen again. Seeing them perform for an excited crowd in Buenos Aires is amazing because the overall sound of Nightwish is BIG and quite powerful. Everyone sounds amazing in the clip and it just made me more excited about owning a copy of this release when it hits the streets in December. Having seen some posts about European tours for the band one can only imagine that a US run will be announced in due time and when that happens my friends you should not waste any time in getting a ticket.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Announces “Decades Live In Buenos Aires” on Multiple Formats

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The Press Release:
It’s Sunday, September 30th 2018. In a couple of hours’ time, symphonic metal trailblazers NIGHTWISH will unleash their unique “Decades” show on the huge stage of the Estadio Malvinas in Buenos Aires. And once again, they will be setting aflame the hearts of thousands of dedicated fans. Released back in 2018, Decades was so much more than a run-of-the-mill best-of. This comprehensive chronology of the band’s first two decades not only marked the band’s 20th anniversary; it was also the end of yet another era in the stellar career of Finland’s internationally most successful group. The consequent tour, too, was so much more than a regular anniversary run; from March 9th to December 15th 2018, the seventh NIGHTWISH world tour enthralled 82 cities across Europe, North America and South America – armed with a once-in-a-lifetime setlist.

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Enter the stage Decades: Live In Buenos Aires! The divine new live release from Finland’s finest was captured by 19 cameras on that extraordinary night in Argentina. NIGHTWISH came out to the rousing “End Of All Hope” and took their bow to the unmatched epic “Ghost Love Score”. In between saw a set filled with pure trailblazing Finnish glory – incorporating distinguished tracks “Wish I had an Angel”, “Sacrament of Wilderness”, “Elvenpath”, “Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean”, “Dead Boy’s Poem” and many more… The evening saw countless goose bumps and unforgettable scenes – the definition of an unforgettable night, now documented for all eternity.
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Nightwish Unveils Dates/Locations For “Decades” 2018 European Tour

It was just the other day that I posted about the European Tour being mapped out by the band Within Temptation (seen HERE), and while this was not a common practice for me since we are in the USA, when it happens to be a band you really enjoy you make sure to spread the word. That said, I was excited to find out the European plans getting unveiled by the Finnish Metal sensation known as Nightwish. Take a look at the bands statement along with the revealed dates. I’ll close out with a light editorial addition so read on.

The Press Release:
In 1996 Tuomas Holopainen made a three-song demo that eventually lead to his first recording contract with his brand new band NIGHTWISH. Fast forward 20 years, over 2000 concerts and 8 million sold albums later, the band are the biggest female-fronted European metal band that will now celebrate their 20-year career with a 2CD compilation (out on Nuclear Blast worldwide in March 2018) and with a nine-month World Tour with a special setlist full of surprises. The DECADES: WORLD TOUR 2018 will start from North America in March 2018 and after the summer festivals it is time to unleash the European part.
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Nightwish Reveals “My Walden” Live Video Clip

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In a couple of months, the Finnish Metal sensation known as Nightwish will be releasing an amazing double live concert video care of the Nuclear Blast Records label. The film is called “Vehicle Of Spirit” and will be the first live recordings done with the great Floor Jansen as their lead vocalist. The video was captured during the bands “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” World Tour. Recently the label released another clip from this sure to be exciting release and you can watch it down below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: “My Walden” is a solid tune from the bands most recent album and one of its prominent features are the pipes of Troy Donockley as they help take the band into different musical worlds. Though I am not sure how to convince someone new about the band outside of saying that this clip firms up the belief that one must see them live in concert to get the proper effect, it is a solid enough tune to find you clicking the “replay” button on YouTube. In addition to Floor Jansen being a standout singer after a number of years in service, also doing a righteous job is drummer Kai Hahto who we get to see from a number of angles during the clip. I am still waiting for my video to arrive from Amazon.com and honestly cannot wait to sit and watch this with the volume turned up really high. You should be planning on doing something similar. If you liked this clip you should tell me how much down in the comments section.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com