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Cannibal Corpse Reveal Fall Tour w/Cattle Decapitation For 2015

There are few bands that crush your Metal senses to a quivering pulp as hard as Cannibal Corpse and when I learned about this month long tour in the Fall, I had to make sure that all the legions in the regions it’s visiting knew about it. Below you can enjoy the official tour poster and the official press release. I’ll return at the end with some additional thoughts. Get moving.

Tour - Cannibal Corpse - Fall 2015

The Press Release:
CANNIBAL CORPSE has spent the summer of 2015 conquering Europe, with included stops at Hellfest, Wacken, Bloodstock, Brutal Assault, Party.San, Copenhell, Graspop, and numerous club shows. But they aren’t even close to being finished with 2015. The band today reveals their plans for a massive US tour this Fall, bringing a brutal package of acts with them across the United States beginning October 8th, and running through November 7th. Direct support is slated to come from Metal Blade label mates, Cattle Decapitation, preceded by Sweden’s Soreption, plus a local opener on each show. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 14th. VIP upgrades will be announced soon. Check the bands official website (linked below) for details as they are made available.
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“Karma, Bloody Karma” by Cattle Decapitation

Artist: Cattle Decapitation
Title: “Karma, Bloody Karma”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 7/11/2006
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 4/5

If Karma has anything to do with how one’s expectation is perceived then Cattle Decapitation more than live up to the lavishly destructive combination of killer instinct and constructive chaos embedded in their own existence. Since 1997’s Ten Torments of The Damned the blood flowed, the bowels fretted and the brain fried in Cattle Decapitation’s cataclysmic karma and death drill. Bleeding from their bowls and brooding from the boils of their previous barrage, Cattle Decapitation brings forth their latest effort. Greeting Grindcore aficionados with an accentuated assault on the academician. The design of their destiny is the bloody karma of Cattle Decap’s latest cacophony. There is no guise of groundbreaking greatness, rather, it’s a refinement of their readily available assault on the aural ideal that makes Karma.Bloody.Karma so successfully sanguine.
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“Humanure” by Cattle Decapitation

Artist: Cattle Decapitation
Title: “Humanure”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 7/13/2004
Genre: Grind Core
Rating: 5/10

Looking past the title of the album and the name of the band is not easy to do when it comes to the guys in Cattle Decapitation. The music is also not for the faint of heart and is a non-stop assault on the listeners senses. However, you have to expect this sort of extremism when you choose to listen to a Grind Core artist that borderlines on the Gore Core aspect as well. The crazier and more in your face they are, the more apt to be remembered they will be. The CD at first listen is as brutal as its name denotes and should you not be an expert in this form of music you will find it largely repetitive. As I listened I felt one track blended into the other with little difference and tempo change and it was only noticed when I paused to see where the heck I actually was. It was then that I came to the realization that a number of songs had gone by and I was approaching the close of the album. However, when I witnessed them live I was taken aback by their drive and delivery as lead singer Travis Ryan screams and growls his way through a very energetic set. The bands song titles and lyrical content are abrasive as hell and this band are not for the weak stomached. Meat lovers are not encouraged to read too deeply into the subject matter, but if you do take this as your warning. There is a level of politics and animal rights addressed in these songs which shows that the band is a little different from others who play similar styled stuff.
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