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Comic Titles To Find On “Free Comic Book Day” 2018

Just in case you might have forgotten, today is “Free Comic Book Day” and this is the once a year event that takes place on the first Saturday in May at participating comic book retailers. It’s a wonderful day for fans of the medium, and its name pretty much describes what happens and its the chance to get a nice stack of free comic books. I’ve been supporting this initiative for a few years now and cannot wait to head over to my local retailer. Here are some of the items that I am interested in getting copies of. The art and premise were all culled from the Official FCBD website which I’ve linked below for your own assistance. Here we go.

Marvel Comics:

Avengers/Captain America: Free Comic Book Day 2018 is your perfect chance to dive into the Marvel Universe! With a story from Jason Aaron and art by Sara Pichelli, Marvel’s FCBD title debuting this May features stories that set the stage for an epic new direction in the Marvel Universe. (W) Jason Aaron, Ta-Nehisi Coates (A) Sara Pichelli, Leinil Francis Yu

FYI this is the back cover of the flip-book.

free comic book day, comic book covers, marvel comics
Free Comic Book Day “Avengers”

free comic book day, comic book covers, marvel comics
Free Comic Book Day “Captain America”

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IDW Publishing Announces: “Transformers: Unicron” Miniseries

Fans of “The Transformers” franchise will love the idea of this brand new miniseries from IDW Publishing who’ve been offering up stories about the famous robots in disguise with “Transformers: Unicron”. Take a look at some art and the full press release down below. I’ll return at the close.

The Press Release:
The fate of all worlds are at stake, as the world-eating menace Unicron has set his sights on Cybertron, home of the TRANSFORMERS robots, and next in lineā€¦ EARTH! A bi-weekly six issue event titled TRANSFORMERS: UNICRON arrives this July and will bring about the end of the TRANSFORMERS universe as we know it. As Optimus Prime gathers his defense against this monstrous threat, it might be too little too late.

Veteran TRANSFORMERS creators John Barber (Optimus Prime) and Alex Milne (More Than Meets The Eye) are joined by colorist Sebastian Cheng (Revolution) to tell the epic conclusion to the current TRANSFORMERS comic book universe.
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