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Dream Theater @ The Theater at Madison Square Garden (4/3/2004)

Logo - Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Venue: The Theatre at Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/3/2004
Label: Atlantic Records

Given that I first heard of this band when they were a new signing on Mechanix Records back in 1989 I essentially consider myself among their earliest supporters. Though I have enjoyed their music for so long they were one of those bands that I just never got to see. Tonight, at “The Theatre” (which is beneath Madison Square Garden, and is the former Felt Forum) I had the chance to rectify this issue. This is the perfect setting for this band as not only is the room acoustically sound – but you can see the performers very easily from almost any vantage point. However for this particular show there was not a lot of sitting going on for many fans decided to stand for the entire show. As a result the tall folks in immediate front of me prevented me from actually seeing a lot of the show. Without being disparaging I must declare that there are not a lot of antics onstage that merit your consistent attention at a Dream Theatre performance. You are there to absorb and enjoy their skilled musicianship and standing thru the entire set is only bound to annoy someone behind you.
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