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DC Universe: “Titans” Recap and Season 2 First Look

titans logo, dc universe titans

The DC Universe streaming service is continuing to deliver live action series featuring the great heroes of the DC Comics universe by delivering a second season of “Titans”. Many might remember that “Titans” was the first offering of the at the time fledgling service which was going to offer a lot of original and classic programming along with a stockpile of digital comic books. The brand new clip is below as a First Look and they even offered newbies a recap part. Take a look.

Premise: Titans focuses on a group of young superheroes who form the titular superhero team to combat evil and other perils. The first incarnation of the team to appear in the series consists of Dick Grayson, Batman’s former vigilante partner turned police detective, Kory Anders, an extraterrestrial afflicted by amnesia, Rachel Roth, an empath pursued by dangerous forces, and Garfield “Gar” Logan, a shapeshifter formerly with the Doom Patrol. In the first season, Rachel comes to Dick for protection from her pursuers, which leads to them meeting and teaming up with Kory and Gar. The team eventually learns that Rachel is being targeted by her demonic father Trigon, who seeks to enslave the world.
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