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“Reborn” by Stryper

Artist: Stryper
Title: “Reborn”
Label: Big3 Records”
Release Date: 8/16/2005
Genre: Christian Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

Though Stryper has released the albums “7: Best Of Stryper” and “7 Weeks Live In America” it has been 14 years since the Soldiers Under Command have recorded an album of new material. The year 2005 would be a special one for the Brothers Sweet and Oz Fox for not only is a new CD ready for their fans but they also come featuring a new member. Not long after the release of the live CD, bassist Tim Gaines decided to leave the group. He is replaced by the talented Tracy Ferrie who adds a different edge of bass playing to the already tight lineup. The band sounds just as heavy as they came across on “Soldiers Under Command” and deliver the level of harmony and musicality you would find on “To Hell With The Devil”. I felt that these two earlier releases helped influence and add to the sounds that you will find on the new CD entitled “Reborn”. The new release continues along the bands beliefs and message of Hope and Faith in the Lord. Of the memorable tracks on the album “Reborn” is pretty self-explanatory while my favorites are “Passion” and “Open Your Eyes”. Each one of these tunes containing the powerful style and big sound that normally was expected and received in Stryper music. “In God We Trust” appears once again from the album of the same name on the new CD. This version is more modern and flows along with the sound on “Reborn” more than the big 80’s sound the 1988 version had. I find it interesting when bands choose to update existing tracks or bring older songs into the now. Stryper should try that with their hits as I think it would work for them.
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