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Anaka: Live Photos @ The Hideout Bar (6/5/2016)

Logo - Anaka

This past weekend my Bay Ridge neighborhood enjoyed an annual event known as the Fifth Avenue Festival. This mile long happening brings out vendors galore and offers up lots of fun in front of your local pubs. This year the Hide Out Bar presented the public a full set of Metal by the band Anaka and I discussed the performance on THIS LINK. Here are the photos that I captured of their performance with my mobile device. I didn’t have any of the professional gear with me today.

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar
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Anaka @ The Hideout Bar (6/5/2016)

Logo - Anaka

Artist: Anaka
Venue: The Hideout Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/5/2016
Label: Independent Artist

I don’t generally make a wander through a neighborhood festival with a concert review mission in mind but that premise would change for me this year. You see it was that time of the year in Bay Ridge for the Fifth Avenue Festival and this avenue long outdoor happening can best be described as a little bit flea market, a little bit bar hopping and food sampling along with live music on various corners or in front of shops. Further up the festival and actually closest to my own Creative Command HQ stands the Hide Out Bar which is in the space previously occupied by The Wicked Monk. They moved over to 97th Street and Third Avenue a few years ago and then The Hide Out Bar opened up. This is a straight-ahead, no nonsense fueling station for those who wish to walk into its darkness and enjoy their favorite drink. There’s no food to be found there is what I am getting at here and as a part of the Festival today, the bar would be offering the passerby a full set by the band Anaka.

anaka, anaka concert photos, hideout bar
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