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Concord Acquires Famed Punk Label Victory Records

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The Press Release:
Concord is pleased to announce it has acquired renowned independent rock, metal, emo and hardcore punk music company Victory Records and Another Victory Publishing from Chicago-based founder and CEO Tony Brummel. The acquisition includes approximately 4,500 master recordings and 3,500 compositions. A true “indie-of-indies”, Victory was started by Brummel in 1989 in his hometown of Chicago with an initial investment of less than $1,000 and from the beginning of its days has been self-funded.

Victory’s master recording catalog includes A Day To Remember, Hawthorne Heights, Thursday and Silverstein. The completion of this deal also brings all of Victory’s incredible legacy catalog under one roof at Concord with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu, Bayside, Counterparts and Between the Buried and Me.

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Victory has always been home to artists that define a segment of rock and roll culture. These artists, with the help of the Victory team and Brummel’s vision, have sold over 15,000,000 albums over the last 30 years and have garnered the catalog six RIAA certified Gold albums, six RIAA certified Gold singles, one RIAA certified platinum single, two BPI certified silver albums and one Canada Music Canada certified Gold album.
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