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Metal Mind Productions Celebrates 25 Years On The Music Market

As PiercingMetal.com steams towards its own eighth year of online time, its great to learn that a resource we work with regularly is having a milestone anniversary of its own. Yes my friends, the folks at Metal Mind Productions have reached their 25th Year of working in the music industry and here is their press release on the matter.

metal mind productions

The Press Release:
Metal Mind Productions is active on the Polish market since 1988. Our company can be found among the leaders of the independent music industry in Poland, we are also the oldest concert agency in our country. Metal Mind Productions was founded by the late Tomasz Dziubinski who turned a one-man endeavor into the successful enterprise that we are today. Metal Mind Productions’ team are all music enthusiasts who love their work. Our passion combined with experience and huge commitment is what makes us an extraordinary group of people who work hard to contribute to Metal Mind’s achievements.

During the 25 years of our activity, Metal Mind Productions organized over 1000 shows, sold over 10 million records, 1000 licenses and worked with the biggest record labels in the world. We paved the way for metal music in Poland organizing the legendary “Monsters of Rock” show and all “Metalmania” festivals. We are the publishers of the Polish edition of Metal Hammer, the oldest music magazine in Poland. For us, the last 25 years were full of wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences…
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