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Marvel Reveals “Spider-Geddon” #1 Variant Covers

Back in late June, I shared the Press Release about an upcoming Marvel Comics series called “Spider-Geddon” you can read that HERE if you like, but if you are pressed for time, the brief summary in an email I just received lined it out like this…

“Featuring new villains and old villains, shocking deaths and shocking returns, and all the Spider characters you can fit into one larger-than-life tale, this is a Marvel Spider-Event not to be missed! Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into this fresh new adventure October 10th, when SPIDER-GEDDON #1 hits comic shops!”

This post will showcase any of the first issue variant covers that I recieve along with a brief part of those emails since I anticipate that the above will likely be repeated as a standard across any of the messages. Since time will not permit a brand-new post per cover, I will edit accordingly and make sure the tags are on point for easier reference. Here we go.

September 5, 2018: REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE! Marvel is excited to celebrate SPIDER-GEDDON #1 from Christos Gage and Jorge Molina with a new spider-punk variant cover from superstar artist Wil Sliney, with colors by Frankie D’Armata!

marvel comics, comic book covers, spider-geddon
“Spider-Geddon” #1 (Wil Sliney Variant)

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Exploring NY Comic Con 2017: Day Three (Part 1)

Okay so here we are again and before this installment gets underway let me thank you for sticking with this group of narratives for so many parts already. To me as a photographer and journalist, the NY Comic Con is one of the most daunting of events to cover because its not only massive in scope but its also taking over other locations as well. Sure we have the Press Badge as our credentials but that doesn’t let you jump lines to cover panels and appearances, you have to arrive early as all heck to make sure you are inside those. As result, I stick to the Javits Center generally and explore as much as possible as you have seen in the past posts. Day Three is the Saturday session and the most attended historically speaking. Part 1 of this days overview will begin in a moment and find me exploring Artist Alley and some other regions. If you missed anything that came before this post, click on THIS LINK to open a battery of content to peruse. Shall we?

nycc 2017, ny comic con, ny comic con 2017, ny comic con 2017 photos

I’m also going to keep featuring all of the cosplayers that stop and talk to me because they are awesome and deserve to be celebrated.

nycc 2017, ny comic con, ny comic con 2017, ny comic con 2017 photos
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Exploring NY Comic Con 2016: Day Three, Part Three (10/8/2016)

Alright so are you still with me or have you had enough? Good, I knew you had it in you. So here I am once more with another chapter in a seemingly never-ending batch of presentations from the 2016 NY Comic Con. I’m up to Part Three of Day Three (which sounds kind of nice to say) and I’m in the Artist Alley area still so a lot of awesome people who bring you the comics stuff to enjoy. If you are just now joining into the proceedings please click on THIS LINK first since it will bring you a rundown of all the chapters that have been posted before this one. Day Three is the Saturday session of the NYCC and often the most congested in the Main Expo floor so its a general practice of mine to be in Artist Alley for this one. A lot of the artists have their names in the images so I don’t need to chime in unless I feel it necessary. Here we go.

ny comic con 2016, nycc 2016

ny comic con 2016, nycc 2016
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Marvel Comics Spotlight On “Deadpool: Too Soon?” #1

Fans of Deadpool will find this new Marvel Infinite Comic to their interest. Check out the press release and some images below.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Deadpool: Too Soon” #1

The Press Release:
It’s the Deadpool team-up you’ve all been waiting for! The Merc With a Mouth joins forces with the likes of Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Ant-Man, Howard the Duck and the Punisher to solve a murder most foul in “DEADPOOL: TOO SOON?” #1 – the newest Marvel Infinite Comic coming to digital devices everywhere on July 6th! Marvel newcomer Joshua Corin joins artist Todd Nauck for a tale mystery & mayhem in the mighty Marvel manner!

Someone has murdered the Forbush Man! Could someone be targeting some of the Marvel Universe’s funniest heroes for death? That’s certainly what Deadpool thinks – and he’s gathered a number of characters in a spooky old mansion (naturally) to help crack the case. Good thing Deadpool is known for his world renowned investigative skills! But as more bodies start turning up, can these heroes solve the mystery before their goose is cooked?
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 4 – Part 1

Greetings my friends and welcome back to the visuals that were snagged from the 2013 NY Comic Con – This chapter begins the Fourth and final day of the convention and with so much done on Day Three I was going to use today as my “clean up” day and that means touching base with made connections once more and snapping whatever else I felt might be interesting.  Let’s start this one up with a spanning visual of the emblem for “Hope”, the iconic “S” that is Superman’s shield.

ny comic con, nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013

ny comic con, nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013
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