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Marvel Presents “Timely Comics” For June 2016

Hey there comic fans I am back once more with something additionally “Marvel-ous” for your comic store purchases and this news deserved its own posting much like the ones I have done over the last several months for the TRUE BELIEVERS line of $1 comics. If you haven’t read about those yet, please click HERE so you can be brought up to speed but I admit many of these will be hard to find at this point. This initiative is similar but also different and below the sweet logo you will find out what I mean. Take a look.


“They’re the comics everyone is talking about, and now is your chance to hop on board before you get left in the dust! Marvel is proud to announce TIMELY COMICS, a new publishing initiative, debuting this June! Timely Comics is a new imprint of titles specifically designed to get you caught up with hot new Marvel titles. Reprinting the first three issues of select titles at a suggested retail price of $3.00, TIMELY COMICS will take you on a path through the restored Marvel Universe! Whether it’s the formation of the Avengers, Daredevil’s fight for Chinatown, or the birth of the Totally Awesome Hulk, TIMELY COMICS has it all and so much more! The titles that sold out everywhere and burned up the charts are back, so don’t miss out on them now! Your favorite new series awaits, get 72 giant pages of action, adventure and excitement with TIMELY COMICS – three issues for just $3.00!”

Timely Comics - The All-New All-Different Avengers
Timely Comics – The All-New All-Different Avengers

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