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“Time Eclipse” by Ambient Death

Artist: Ambient Death
Title: “Time Eclipse”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date:
Genre: Melodic Death/Progressive Metal
Rating: Very Good

Growing up Metal in an area like Brooklyn, NY cannot always be easy for a fan of the stuff these days as the diversity of the region often finds either Pop drivel or Rap are the musical forms that hold sway on mainstream outlets and offer little interest to those who crave the sound of something far heavier. Fortunately being underground is the seed upon which Metal’s enormous tree had been planted and there are bands of all genre aspects hungry to have you hear what they can do. One such band is Brooklyn’s own Ambient Death, and I admit that the name first intrigued me based on my initial perceptions of this very same genre. It’s not often that one finds a group using the same nom de guerre as a musical style after all so when the chance came to absorb what they were all about I looked forward to the chance. The unsigned group is led and was founded by guitarist/vocalist/guitar synth Lucas Klepacki and their EP “Time Eclipse” features five tracks (six if you count the hidden number). The EP is an equal a mix of instrumental interlude or setup pieces and full on vocal tracks giving the listener three of each type. It all begins with “Flash”, a keyboard heavy intro ala Van Halen’s “1984” that definitely takes you on a journey of its own before “Manhunt” begins. Interestingly enough the band is NOT your conventional Death or Thrash fest and seems to owe a lot more of their vibe to the likes of Iron Maiden and even some Progressive acts of note based on the overall musical ability that they are presenting the listener.
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