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Marvel Announces “Thor” Series For 2020

As some of you readers know, I’m still embroiled in the goings on at the annual New York Comic Con over at the Javits Center and to be on point with any of the reveals and announcements that have been discussed you should click HERE. One such reveal was for a brand-new “Thor” series and the press release about it is down below. Enjoy.

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The Press Release:
A mighty creative team will be taking over the reins of Thor next year! Just announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con, Donny Cates and Nic Klein will be ushering the God of Thunder into his next era starting in January. The quest Thor is on will be the stuff of legend, filled with thunderous adventure as well as mystery as the character finds himself in unexpected new territory and facing off against an ancient threat known as The Black Winter.

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“Thor” #1

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Hasbro Reveals “Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary” Comic Book Covers

If you’ve been following the website over the last couple of weeks, you already know that I’ve been letting the Pop Culture side of the fence take over as the massive Comic Con International: San Diego gets closer to happening. Part of the event will actually begin tomorrow and you’ll want to click HERE to see all of the posts that have been loaded onto the website so far. Now its time to share this super cool news from the fine folks at Hasbro Toys so do dig in.

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The Press Release:
In celebration of 80 years of Marvel Comics, we’re thrilled to share that Hasbro has created some amazing comic book cover images featuring a variety of figures from the new Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary line, including characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Storm, Colossus, and more. During San Diego Comic-Con later this week, the covers that feature the Marvel Legends X-Men figures will be made available for free for guests during two poster giveaway sessions at the Hasbro Booth (#3213)! Giveaway sessions will take place Friday at 10:30am and Saturday at 4:30pm. During each session two of the four posters will be distributed. Fans can swing by the booth during these times to collect all four to create one large X-Men poster. In addition, the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary figures will be available for pre-order on Thursday, 7/18.

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Marvel Announces “Bring On The Bad Guys” Variant Covers

I’m using the visual of a very classic collected edition that Marvel released way back in 1976 called “Bring On The Bad Guys”. The book featured the origins of some of their most sinister villains and was the companion to both “Origins Of Marvel Comics” and “Son Of Origins”. I’m certain that all have been reprinted and can be purchased today but I digress. This was used to laud the latest batch of variant covers that will be hitting the monthly issues listed below.

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The Press Release:
Just as the “Acts of Evil” have taken over the Marvel Annuals for the summer, we couldn’t forget to spotlight our terrifying villains during Marvel’s 80th anniversary! Acclaimed artists such as Declan Shalvey, Mike McKone, Inhyuk Lee, Mark Brooks, and more highlight classic Marvel heroes going head-to-head with some of their most iconic foes with all-new covers! Look for Marvel’s BRING ON THE BAD GUYS variants on these select titles:

1. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #27 by Woo Cheol Lee – featuring Molten Man

2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #28 by Bengal – featuring Anna Kravenoff

3. AVENGERS #23 Mike McKone – featuring Count Nefaria
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Thor @ Saint Vitus Bar

Thor has returned to us and brings a gig to the SVB. There is also a screening of the documentary “Return Of The Thunderhawk”. Joining Thor will be Python.

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Marvel Reveals “Carnage-ized” Variants For July!

Having recently discussed the “Absolute Carnage” initiative from Marvel Comics, I am thinking that a few more posts will be coming down the pike, so click over to THIS LINK to see anything that has come before or came after this original posting date. Now onto some cool new variant covers that celebrate this massive story.

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The Press Release:
Everyone is a target as “ABSOLUTE CARNAGE” takes over the Marvel Universe, hooking its symbiote into every hero! To celebrate the release of the epic summer event, Marvel is releasing a series of “Carnage-ized” variant covers that reimagine some of Marvel’s iconic heroes as victims of the deadly symbiote!

First revealed at the C2E2 retailer panel this weekend, Marvel is excited to share additional cover art for this variant program, which will consist of 25 covers. Look for the following “Carnage-ized” variant covers on these select books this July, and look for a full list of the remaining variants in the July Previews catalog!



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“Avengers” #22 (Carnage-ized Variant)

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