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“Emerald” (Single) by Ace Frehley

Artist: Ace Frehley
Title: “Emerald”
Label: e1 Entertainment
Release Date: 4/1/2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

A little over a month ago I tossed out some opinion on the first single from Ace Frehley’s upcoming album “Origins V. 1” which you can check out HERE. Thinking back on it I had to say that I enjoyed his take on the Cream classic so it was interesting to find the next legendary band to get some homage on this soon to be released CD being Thin Lizzy. Now before going any further I will be honest and say that I was only ever the most casual of fans of the legendary Irish Rockers and I’m pretty much guilty of only knowing the absolute classics from their repertoire. That being said I did know “Emerald” which is the tune that the Space Ace decided to include on this new album.
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Win A Ticket To See Black Star Riders @ B.B. King’s On 6/17/2014

Poster - Black Star Riders at BB Kings - 2014

The Details: The Black Star Riders are the next step in the musical legacy that was the great Thin Lizzy and the band features members of that legendary band in their lineup including Scott Gorham. Their debut album is called “All Hell Breaks Loose” and it’s on one of our favorite labels of them all (Nuclear Blast Records) so I think that it’s a good thing. I’ve heard the album before and it really rocks and that makes it all the more awesome to offer up a contest for our readers to attend their NYC show at B.B. King Blues Club. I love free stuff, don’t you?
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2011: The Concerts

Logo - The Best Of

Even though I generally hammer out the concerts I liked the most in my year end overview, I figured that it was high time to start using the blog to feature this kind of angle. So what I did was start with the view of sharing my top 10 concerts that I attended in 2011. Then I wrote down fifteen, then twenty and then begged my brain to stop letting the coffee push me towards thirty concerts and end with twenty three. Of course since I saw about “80” shows this past year there were a lot more that I liked but these were probably my very favorite.

1. Kamelot @ Gramercy Theatre: The band returned to the headline stage with Fabio of Rhapsody Of Fire, would he be the new voice of the band? I hope so since he ruled.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: This year’s tour was apparently to be the last of the presentations of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” for awhile and wow how could that not be a thing to see. As always this group pulls out the stops and leaves me impressed and exhausted.

3. Volbeat @ Irving Plaza: These guys are just climbing the ladder of success.

4. Stryper @ B.B. King Blues Club: There is nothing like a little bit of a yellow and black attack in this Times Square venue.

5. Thin Lizzy @ Best Buy Theater: Phil Lynott might be gone but his influence and melody remains.
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R.I.P. Gary Moore, Legendary Guitarist (2/6/2011)

2011 was already off to a bad start in the eyes of music fans as it had taken both Phil Kennemore (from Y&T) and Don Kirshner from us in January and now it is with great sadness that I announce that the music world has lost the legendary guitar slinger Gary Moore.  He was 58 years old.

The Legend Has Left Us: Gary Moore Is Gone

For many fans Gary Moore first came into public prominence with his band Skid Row and no, not the Hard Rock/Hair Metal group that was fronted at one time by Sebastian Bach but instead a Dublin based Blues Band.  He knew musicians like Phil Lynott and Brian Downey since his high school days and resultant of this had a very early association with their band Thin Lizzy.  He was actually a member at three different points in time which I found very interesting.   Aside from the work with the legendary Irish band, Gary was also known for a nothing short of prolific solo career.  While I was one of those casual fans it was thanks to the efforts of my own music circle that I would enjoy albums like “Corridors of Power” and “Victims Of The Future”.   It was great stuff when you took a larger look at it and Gary’s talents shined like a beacon over much of his competition.   It’s also important to remember just how great and powerful a voice that the musician had under his command.  He was influential to many a Hard Rock and Metal guitar player during these years and even found his music inspiring the Finnish juggernauts Nightwish, who offered the world their take on “Over The Hills and Far Away”.  They did a nice job and you should do a search for it to see for yourself.

In 1990, Moore returned to performing Blues music and while this might have surprised his heavy music fans, it did not at all disappoint them since he did this genre so much justice.  The album “Still Got The Blues” was a fantastic journey into his musical talent and he would remain on this particular road for many more years.   I was never able to enjoy Gary’s talent in the live sense and instead only got to see him on videos, and to listen to his music on record, tape and eventually CD.  He was one of the many that I had hoped to see in my lifetime, but now that is no longer possible.

Gary was vacationing in Estepona, Spain at the time of his death.  No other information has been released.

The impact of Gary’s legendary skills  are far-reaching and we would love to find your own views about the master being left on this memorial as comments.  Please feel free to share your stories about shows attended, the music that inspired you or even your encounters with him in person.  Rest in Peace Gary Moore.  You are once again jamming with Phil Lynott and perhaps even working on material being overseen by Ronnie James Dio.  Thanks for all of your musical gifts to the world.  You shall never be forgotten.

“Jailbreak” (Deluxe Edition) by Thin Lizzy

Artist: Thin Lizzy
Title: “Jailbreak” Deluxe Edition
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 2/8/2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Even though “Jailbreak” was the sixth Thin Lizzy album it was without question the one that really firmed up the bands importance in the eyes of Rock and Roll connoisseurs around the world. I am saying this as one of the more casual fans of the bands body of work having never really been into more than the hits when they were first doing their thing. I appreciated them of course but was not like some of my friends who lived and breathed what founder Phil Lynott was doing. The reason I make such a bold statement was based on the level of exposure that no less than four of its numbers received. Back around the time of its initial release in 1976, you could not turn on Rock radio and not hear “The Boys Are Back In Town” or “Jailbreak” at some point during your listen. My how the times have changed for that medium eh? It was exposure like this that was the Internet and the MTV of its time and helped strengthen bands powers to that of legend. With “Jailbreak” I felt that there was a little of something for everyone on it. The title track was a rousing start and Phil’s vocal was smooth on top of it as he lined out the story. I cannot add much to the views about “The Boys Are Back In Town” other than this is perhaps the most known song in the bands repertoire whether they liked it or not. It’s the kind of tune that always finds the stereo being made louder and the drinks flowing a little faster. Songs like “Emerald” are also long lasting in terms of their reach and it was only about a year or so ago when I caught the band Mastodon doing their own version of it. Despite this being the bands most mainstream success, I think the term of “commercially viable” was a lot different back then and had more oomph than it does today. This would be the album that became a standard purchase for Rock fans and especially those who were forming bands of their own with two lead players. The melodies of Gorham and Robertson were like few others and of great influence to many bands that formed around this time. I had to say that I enjoyed being able to hear the superb re-mastering job and listening to this vintage release with more adult ears.
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